Heat Transfer With Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger
zakir ahmed

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Tags: heat exchangers, heat transfer, heat exchange, heat exchangers design, heat transfer, heat exchange, Coefficient of Heat Transfer, spiral exchanger, heat transfer process

title= {Heat Transfer With Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger},
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abstract= {A heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat between one or more fluids. The fluids may be separated by a solid wall to prevent mixing or they may be in direct contact.There are three primary classifications of heat exchangers according to their flow arrangement. In parallel-flow heat exchangers, the two fluids enter the exchanger at the same end, and travel in parallel to one another to the other side. In counter-flow heat exchangers the fluids enter the exchanger from opposite ends. The counter current design is the most efficient, in that it can transfer the most heat from the heat (transfer) medium per unit mass due to the fact that the average temperature difference along any unit length is higher. See countercurrent exchange. In a cross-flow heat exchanger, the fluids travel roughly perpendicular to one another through the exchanger.},
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