Requested reddit subreddits for u/jeanyp

reddit (12 files)
requests/jeanyp/sports_submissions.zst 159.92MB
requests/jeanyp/sports_comments.zst 580.21MB
requests/jeanyp/movies_submissions.zst 531.72MB
requests/jeanyp/movies_comments.zst 4.77GB
requests/jeanyp/gadgets_submissions.zst 49.36MB
requests/jeanyp/gadgets_comments.zst 384.11MB
requests/jeanyp/food_submissions.zst 330.57MB
requests/jeanyp/food_comments.zst 704.49MB
requests/jeanyp/Music_submissions.zst 1.04GB
requests/jeanyp/Music_comments.zst 1.65GB
requests/jeanyp/Jokes_submissions.zst 225.93MB
requests/jeanyp/Jokes_comments.zst 709.09MB
Type: Dataset
Tags: reddit

title= {Requested reddit subreddits for u/jeanyp},
journal= {},
author= {Watchful1},
year= {},
url= {},
abstract= {Reddit comments and submissions from 2005-06 to 2021-06 collected by pushshift which can be found here

Subreddits r/gadgets, r/sports, r/food, r/movies, r/Music, r/Jokes

These are zstandard compressed ndjson files. Example python scripts for parsing the data can be found here},
keywords= {reddit},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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