Frequently Asked Questions

Cannot connect to tracker

If your BitTorrent client cannot connect to the tracker first diagnose why using the follow command:


You should see the failure message "d14:failure reason24:Invalid info_hash (0 - )e" if you can connect. If it doesn’t work then run curl -vvv to get details on the error.

People cannot connect to your server

To ensure optimal mirroring/seeding performance, it is important that the port your BitTorrent client is listening on is accessible from the internet. This may require allowing a port in a firewall or setting up port forwarding in a router.

You can check if the tracker can connect to your client’s port by looking at the Connect column on the Technical tab of the Details page. If it says Yes, the tracker can successfully connect to the port.

You can verify this yourself from a computer outside of your network with the following command:

nc -v {serveraddress} {port}

An example of a successful connection will look like:

$ nc -v 25000
Connection to port 25000 [tcp/icl-twobase1] succeeded!

An example of a unsuccessful connection will look like:

$ nc -v 25001
nc: connectx to port 25001 (tcp) failed: Operation timed out

Transmission HTTP Response code 0 (No Response)

This error seems to be associated with an erroneous default IPv6 configuration in Transmission causing the client to make requests incorrectly. The steps to fix this problem are as follows:

Shut down transmission-daemon (service transmission-daemon stop) Edit the settings.json file (default location: /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json)

Change “bind-address-ipv6”: “fe80::”, to “bind-address-ipv6”: “::”,

Restart transmission (service transmission-daemon start)