Misbehaviour Prediction for Autonomous Driving Systems
Andrea Stocco and Michael Weiss and Marco Calzana and Paolo Tonella

Type: Dataset

author= {Andrea Stocco and Michael Weiss and Marco Calzana and Paolo Tonella},
title= {Misbehaviour Prediction for Autonomous Driving Systems},
booktitle= {Proceedings of 42nd International Conference on Software Engineering},
series= {ICSE '20},
publisher= {ACM},
pages= {12 pages},
year= {2020},
abstract= {These are reproduction artifacts of the paper "Misbehaviour Prediction for Autonomous Driving Systems" at ICSE 2020.

For more information, check out https://github.com/testingautomated-usi/selforacle
keywords= {},
terms= {},
license= {CC BY-SA 4.0},
superseded= {},
url= {https://github.com/testingautomated-usi/selforacle}

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