2011 Harvard Computer Science E-76 Building Mobile Applications
Harvard University

CSCI E-76_ Building Mobile Applications ® vampiri6ka (187 files)
Type: Course

title= {2011 Harvard Computer Science E-76 Building Mobile Applications},
keywords= {},
journal= {},
author= {Harvard University},
year= {2011},
url= {http://cs76.tv/2011/spring/},
license= {},
abstract= {Today's applications are increasingly mobile. Computers are no longer confined to desks and laps but instead live in our pockets and hands. This course teaches students how to build mobile apps for Android and iOS, two of today's most popular platforms, and how to deploy them in Android Market and the App Store. Students learn how to write native apps for Android using Eclipse and the Android SDK, how to write native apps for iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads using Xcode and the iOS SDK, and how to write web apps for both platforms.},
tos= {},
superseded= {},
terms= {}

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