The PDS Universal Planetary Coordinates (UPC) Database, Mars DB (Single File)

Type: Dataset

title= {The PDS Universal Planetary Coordinates (UPC) Database,  Mars DB (Single File)},
journal= {},
author= {NASA },
year= {},
url= {},
abstract= {What is the Universal Planetary Coordinates (UPC)? 
The Universal Planetary Coordinates (or UPC) is a database of many of the level 1 imaging data products archived in the PDS Imaging Node. The UPC includes the camera statistics, URLs for thumbnail and browse images, and the GIS footprint for each image. These data products and meta data are calculated using ISIS3. For this reason, only data products which have an ISIS3 camera model can be included in the UPC.},
keywords= {},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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