1_2_5_2 (24 files)
calibrations/clone.sh 0.16kB
camera_ir/timestamps.txt 867.39kB
camera_ir/video.mp4 2.07GB
camera_left_front/timestamps.txt 271.98kB
camera_left_front/video.mp4 8.25GB
camera_left_side/timestamps.txt 271.98kB
camera_left_side/video.mp4 8.99GB
camera_right_front/timestamps.txt 271.98kB
camera_right_front/video.mp4 7.91GB
camera_right_side/timestamps.txt 271.98kB
camera_right_side/video.mp4 10.30GB
gnss/pose.txt 874.03kB
gnss/time.txt 744.57kB
imu/d_quat.txt 17.15MB
imu/gnss.txt 13.31MB
imu/imu.txt 35.09MB
imu/mag.txt 3.47MB
imu/pressure.txt 935.93kB
imu/temp.txt 7.71MB
imu/time.txt 14.90MB
lidar_left/scans.zip 3.98GB
lidar_left/timestamps.txt 332.26kB
lidar_right/scans.zip 3.99GB
lidar_right/timestamps.txt 327.47kB
Type: Dataset
Tags: SLAM, mapping, autonomous driving

title= {1_2_5_2},
journal= {},
author= {Adam Ligocki, Ales Jelinek, Ludek Zalud},
year= {},
url= {https://github.com/RoboticsBUT/Brno-Urban-Dataset},
abstract= {Navigation and localisation dataset for self driving cars and autonomous robots.},
keywords= {autonomous driving, mapping, slam},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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