THEMIS Night IR 100m Global Mosaic

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small/lat30_lon300.pgm.png 7.87kB
thm_nir_100m.png 3.63kB
Type: Dataset
Tags: NASA, Mars, Odyssey, THEMIS

title = {THEMIS Night IR 100m Global Mosaic},
journal = {},
author = {NASA },
year = {},
url = {},
abstract = {Version: 8.0
Release Date:	June 23rd, 2010
Resolution: 592.75 ppd
Scale: 99.7 mpp
Projection: Simple cylindrical, 0E to 360E, 60N to 60S, 'ocentric
Layout: 60 x 30 degree tiles
Total Size: 213391 x 88914 pixels
Details: Nighttime thermal infrared (12.57um) mosaic. 593 ppd/100m. NASA Mars Odyssey/THEMIS
Notes: Gores are filled with black (value=0).}

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