CMU Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database Converted to FBX
CMU Graphics Lab

Type: Dataset
Tags:motion capture

title= {CMU Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database Converted to FBX},
journal= {},
author= {CMU Graphics Lab},
year= {},
url= {},
abstract= {Collection of various motion capture recordings (walking, dancing, sports, and others) performed by over 140 subjects. The database contains free motions which you can download and use.
The original dataset is delivered by the authors in the Acclaim format. This version of the dataset is a conversion to FBX based on the BVH conversion by B. Hahne with some fixes in T-Poses and framerates.},
keywords= {motion capture},
terms= {This data is free for use in research projects.
You may include this data in commercially-sold products, 
but you may not resell this data directly, even in converted form.
If you publish results obtained using this data, we would appreciate it
if you would send the citation to your published paper to,
and also would add this text to your acknowledgments section:
The data used in this project was obtained from
The database was created with funding from NSF EIA-0196217.},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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