Potential causes of ritual instability in doctrinal new religious movements : a cognitive hypothesis
Justin E. Lane

Type: Paper

title= {Potential causes of ritual instability in doctrinal new religious movements : a cognitive hypothesis},
journal= {Sacra},
author= {Justin E. Lane},
year= {2009},
url= {https://digilib.phil.muni.cz/handle/11222.digilib/118517},
abstract= {Within the animal kingdom, hierarchical social structures appear in very similar forms, even if the organisms that make up the social structure differ drastically. Hierarchical social structures and apparent power centralization patterns can be witnessed in insects such as ants and bees, avian species such as chickens and vultures, and mammals such as wolves and humans. Here, an attempt will be made to apply conceptions and terminology of evolutionary theory, concerning alpha male, charismatic leaders in new religious movements (nrms), and cognitive psychology in an interdisciplinary explanation for ritual instability while testing established ritual hypotheses. This will be done by hypothesizing how charismatic alphas attain their status within religious groups and how this presence affects the ritual stability of the group from a cognitive level.

Torrent of academic paper https://digilib.phil.muni.cz/handle/11222.digilib/118517},
keywords= {new religious movements; ritual; cognition; evolution; alpha; charismatic leader; Harvey Whitehouse; Jesper Sørensen},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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