The MacTeX 2015 Distribution
TeX User Group

Type: Dataset

title= {The MacTeX 2015 Distribution},
journal= {},
author= {TeX User Group},
year= {2015},
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abstract= {TeX (= tau epsilon chi, and pronounced similar to "blecch", not to the state known for `Tex-Mex' chili) is a computer language designed for use in typesetting; in particular, for typesetting math and other technical (from greek "techne" = art/craft, the stem of `technology') material.

After downloading, move the file MacTeX.pkg to the desktop or another convenient spot, and double click it to install. MacTeX completely configures TeX, so after installation it is ready to use. Go to /Applications/TeX and read the short document "READ ME FIRST" to get started. This document explains how to use LaTeX to write and typeset a short document. The location /Applications/TeX also contains "What is installed", which lists all the components of MacTeX and their installation locations. 

MacTeX installs TeX Live, which contains TeX, LaTeX, AMS-TeX, and virtually every TeX-related style file and font. TeX Live is maintained by TeX User Groups across the world. TeX Live is compiled from the same sources for all platforms: Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Unix. 

MacTeX also installs Ghostscript, an open source version of Postscript, and it installs the GUI programs TeXShop, LaTeXiT, TeX Live Utility, and BibDesk. },
keywords= {latex},
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