Data Science Bowl 2017 Lung Cancer Detection (DSB3)

folder DSB3 (3 files)
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filestage2.7z 97.83GB
filestage1.7z 66.23GB
Type: Dataset

title= {Data Science Bowl 2017 Lung Cancer Detection (DSB3) },
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abstract= {In this dataset, you are given over a thousand low-dose CT images from high-risk patients in DICOM format. Each image contains a series with multiple axial slices of the chest cavity. Each image has a variable number of 2D slices, which can vary based on the machine taking the scan and patient.

The DICOM files have a header that contains the necessary information about the patient id, as well as scan parameters such as the slice thickness.

stage1.7z: 285380 dcm files
stage2.7z: 186160 dcm files
stage1_labels.csv: 1595 labels
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