Synthetic Biology: Tools to Design, Build, and Optimize Cellular Processes
Eric Young and Hal Alper

Type: Paper
Tags: Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Cellular Pocesses

title= {Synthetic Biology: Tools to Design, Build, and Optimize Cellular Processes},
keywords= {Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Cellular Pocesses},
journal= {Hindawi},
author= {Eric Young and Hal Alper},
year= {2009},
url= {},
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abstract= {The general central dogma frames the emergent properties of life, which make biology both necessary and difficult to engineer. In a process engineering paradigm, each biological process stream and process unit is heavily influenced by regulatory interactions and interactions with the surrounding environment. Synthetic biology is developing the tools and methods that will increase control over these interactions, eventually resulting in an integrative synthetic biology that will allow ground-up cellular optimization. In this review, we attempt to contextualize the areas of synthetic biology into three tiers: (1) the process units and associated streams of the central dogma, (2) the intrinsic regulatory mechanisms, and (3) the extrinsic physical and chemical environment. Efforts at each of these three tiers attempt to control cellular systems and take advantage of emerging tools and approaches. Ultimately, it will be possible to integrate these approaches and realize the vision of integrative synthetic biology when cells are completely rewired for biotechnological goals. This review will highlight progress towards this goal as well as areas requiring further research.
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