March 2020 Public Data File from Crossref

crossref (37501 files)
10019.json.gz 410.52kB
10018.json.gz 286.51kB
10017.json.gz 362.36kB
10016.json.gz 374.99kB
10015.json.gz 354.98kB
10014.json.gz 394.66kB
10013.json.gz 382.04kB
10012.json.gz 380.73kB
10011.json.gz 318.84kB
10010.json.gz 368.92kB
1001.json.gz 478.29kB
10009.json.gz 424.71kB
10008.json.gz 437.38kB
10007.json.gz 396.70kB
10005.json.gz 366.10kB
10006.json.gz 378.66kB
10004.json.gz 356.94kB
10002.json.gz 321.38kB
10003.json.gz 342.76kB
10001.json.gz 292.92kB
1000.json.gz 469.38kB
10000.json.gz 286.71kB
10.json.gz 224.85kB
100.json.gz 175.10kB
0.json.gz 252.44kB
1.json.gz 225.13kB
1002.json.gz 468.73kB
10020.json.gz 399.72kB
10021.json.gz 386.90kB
10022.json.gz 202.76kB
10023.json.gz 483.64kB
10024.json.gz 464.83kB
10025.json.gz 453.58kB
10026.json.gz 481.84kB
10027.json.gz 408.19kB
10028.json.gz 482.26kB
10029.json.gz 575.76kB
1003.json.gz 458.83kB
10030.json.gz 428.38kB
10031.json.gz 568.32kB
10032.json.gz 622.90kB
10033.json.gz 516.50kB
10034.json.gz 510.20kB
10035.json.gz 591.68kB
10036.json.gz 573.61kB
10037.json.gz 542.56kB
10038.json.gz 519.35kB
10039.json.gz 518.66kB
1004.json.gz 467.49kB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: books, Crossref, bibliographic metadata, journals, conference proceedings

doi= {10.13003/83b2gp},
url= {},
publisher= {Crossref},
title= {March 2020 Public Data File from Crossref},
author= {Crossref},
abstract= {A data file of the public elements from Crossref’s 112.5 million metadata records (in JSON format).

Note that this Crossref metadata is always openly available. The difference here is that we’ve done the time-saving work of putting all of the records registered through March 2020 into one file for download. 

To keep this metadata current, you can access new records via our public API at:

And, if you do use our API, we encourage you to read the section of the documentation on "etiquette". That is, how to use the API without making it impossible for others to use.},
keywords= {Crossref, bibliographic metadata, journals, books, conference proceedings},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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