Mars Rover Environmental Monitoring Station Data (2012-2022)

Type: Dataset
Tags: Astronomy, Mars, Weather, space, esa, NASA, probe, environment, astrobiology, Climate

title= {Mars Rover Environmental Monitoring Station Data (2012-2022)},
journal= {},
author= {NASA},
year= {2022},
url= {},
abstract= {"Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) is a weather station on Mars for Curiosity rover contributed by Spain and Finland. REMS measures humidity, pressure, temperature, wind speeds, and ultraviolet radiation on Mars. This Spanish project is led by the Spanish Astrobiology Center and includes the Finnish Meteorological Institute as a partner, contributing pressure and humidity sensors."

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keywords= {Mars, Weather, space, esa, NASA, Astronomy, probe, environment, astrobiology, Climate},
terms= {},
license= {U.S. Government Works},
superseded= {}

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