Massachusetts USGS 15cm Color Ortho Imagery (2008/2009) - MrSID Format

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title= {Massachusetts USGS 15cm Color Ortho Imagery (2008/2009) - MrSID Format},
journal= {},
author= {MassGIS },
year= {2008/2009},
url= {},
abstract= {In spring 2008, the U.S. Geological Survey, as part of its Boston 133 Cities Urban Area mapping program, contracted for true-color imagery covering the metropolitan Boston area and beyond. Image type for the entire region (more than 1.7 million acres) is 24-bit, 3-band (red, green, blue) natural color. Each band has pixel values ranging 0-255. Pixel resolution is 30 cm., or approximately one foot.

Additionally, 30 municipalities participated in the Boston Upgrade of the USGS project; these cities and towns contributed funding for separate flights to produce 4-band (red, green, blue, near-infrared) imagery. Pixel resolution for these images is 15 centimeters (approximately 6 inches).

In spring 2009, USGS continued the project and 4-band 30cm imagery was obtained for the remainder of the state. Additionally, 14 municipalities provided funding for 4-band 15cm imagery to cover their communities.

This digital orthoimagery can serve a variety of purposes, from general planning, to field reference for spatial analysis, to a tool for data development and revision of vector maps. It can also serve as a reference layer or basemap for myriad applications inside geographic information system (GIS) software.

Images are available for download in the MrSID Generation 2 format, at 15:1 lossy compression ratio, 3 bands (RGB), as 1,500 meters × 1,500 meters tiles (based on the 2008/2009 USGS Color Ortho Index coq2008-09_index.pdf tiling scheme; refer to the 8-digit numbers in each tile).},
keywords= {MassGIS},
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