geoBoundaries Version 5
Daniel Miller Runfola

by 1001Words at 2024-04-26 04:29:32 GMT icon for userAny idea if there is a seeder for this? Kind of unfortunate that the torrent is posted, but there is no way to download the files and share the knowledge.

by LordMike at 2024-05-05 14:26:11 GMT icon for userI recreated 97% of the torrent from the commits 763b02e12b83c616b11759349ed271a2c70e55b4 and a9f96098439679108f16ebe506a271f686c0a0d4 from the project.

The dates somewhat line up with the metadata of the torrent, but I can't seem to find the last 3%.

It would have helped a lot if OP had included the commit that had the data, so that we could recreate it. Also, the web seed url should probably have been in a permanlink form like:

by 1001Words at 2024-05-06 02:20:31 GMT icon for userAwesome LordMike. I have never used github, and I got lost trying to search through it to recreate the data. Thank you for the data you could collect. Maybe the OP will notice no one gets to 100% and seed for us. Thanks again.

by LordMike at 2024-05-06 06:39:13 GMT icon for userI spent a little while extra and found the commit below instead. It's from way earlier, 2024-02-14.

I managed to find 100% coverage. It's seeding now.

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