Effectiveness of Cybersecurity Competitions
Cheung, Ronald S and Cohen, Joseph Paul and Lo, Henry Z and Elia, Fabio and Carrillo-Marquez, Veronica

by chronoss2008 at 2014-02-01 05:44:13 GMT

gravatar.com icon for userLOL i'm a hacker and i'll say this , no real one will ever ever
think or work for the usa gov't as long as it treats people the way it does.


Thanks for the upload i'll have a read....education is the key to success, and knowledge is power.

by aswathr at 2014-11-24 03:06:39 GMT

gravatar.com icon for userA mildly academic paper; but the title "Effectiveness of Cybersecurity Competitions" is totally inappropriate, IMO. The paper is very limited in its measurement of effectiveness of competitions and more of a study of the authors' teaching pedagogy :-/

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