April 2024 Public Data File from Crossref

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Type: Dataset
Tags: books, journals, conference proceedings, Crossref, bibliographic metadata

title= {April 2024 Public Data File from Crossref},
journal= {},
author= {Crossref},
year= {},
doi= {10.13003/849J5WP},
url= {},
abstract= {Note that this Crossref metadata is always openly available. The difference here is that we’ve done the time-saving work of putting all of the records registered through April 2024 into one file for download.

To keep this metadata current, you can access new records via our public API at:


And, if you do use our API, we encourage you to read the section of the documentation on "etiquette". That is, how to use the API without making it impossible for others to use.},
keywords= {bibliographic metadata, journals, conference proceedings, books, Crossref},
terms= {},
license= {https://www.crossref.org/documentation/retrieve-metadata/rest-api/rest-api-metadata-license-information/},
superseded= {}

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