01TXY 2020-2021 Web Applications I
Fulvio Corno

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fileWA1-2021-L09 2021-03-12 14-30.mkv 286.95MB
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fileWA1-2021-L14 2021-03-26 14-18-24.mkv 159.49MB
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fileWA1-2021-L16 2021-04-08 10-30.mp4 249.02MB
fileWA1-2021-L17 2021-04-15 08-40-16.mp4 397.77MB
fileWA1-2021-L18 2021-04-15 10-47-39.mp4 157.85MB
fileWA1-2021-L19 2021-04-22 08-42-28.mp4 335.01MB
fileWA1-2021-L20 2021-04-22 10-26-40.mp4 218.59MB
fileWA1-2021-L21 2021-04-29 08-39-38.mp4 388.79MB
fileWA1-2021-L22 2021-04-29 10-26-03.mp4 304.75MB
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fileWA1-2021-L26 2021-05-13 10-18-09.mp4 269.89MB
fileWA1-2021-L27 2021-05-20 08-36-09.mp4 427.59MB
fileWA1-2021-L28 2021-05-20 10-33-14.mp4 236.05MB
fileWA1-2021-L29-P1 2021-05-27 08-36-36.mp4 113.96MB
fileWA1-2021-L29-P2 2021-05-27 09-00-53.mp4 360.19MB
fileWA1-2021-L30 2021-05-27 10-36-43.mp4 231.01MB
Type: Course
Tags: Web applications, JavaScript, CSS, Express, REST, React, HTML

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url= {http://bit.ly/polito-wa1},
abstract= {Video Lectures of the course "Web Applications I" taken at Politecnico di Torino (Italy), in year 2020/2021.},
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license= {Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/},
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