April 2022 Public Data File from Crossref

April 2022 Public Data File from Crossref (26810 files)
9999.json.gz 5.56MB
9998.json.gz 5.82MB
9997.json.gz 5.84MB
9996.json.gz 4.88MB
9995.json.gz 5.88MB
9994.json.gz 6.21MB
9993.json.gz 6.45MB
9992.json.gz 8.05MB
9991.json.gz 9.50MB
9990.json.gz 7.36MB
999.json.gz 6.10MB
9989.json.gz 7.54MB
9988.json.gz 7.29MB
9987.json.gz 6.03MB
9986.json.gz 6.20MB
9985.json.gz 6.34MB
9984.json.gz 6.97MB
9983.json.gz 5.18MB
9982.json.gz 6.37MB
9981.json.gz 7.06MB
9980.json.gz 6.16MB
998.json.gz 6.09MB
9979.json.gz 6.20MB
9978.json.gz 7.10MB
9977.json.gz 7.83MB
9976.json.gz 8.68MB
9975.json.gz 6.32MB
9974.json.gz 5.62MB
9973.json.gz 5.68MB
9972.json.gz 6.09MB
9971.json.gz 5.67MB
9970.json.gz 4.72MB
997.json.gz 6.09MB
9969.json.gz 4.32MB
9968.json.gz 8.22MB
9967.json.gz 8.93MB
9966.json.gz 7.66MB
9965.json.gz 6.40MB
9964.json.gz 7.46MB
9963.json.gz 6.13MB
9962.json.gz 8.41MB
9961.json.gz 8.26MB
9960.json.gz 9.49MB
996.json.gz 6.18MB
9959.json.gz 7.62MB
9958.json.gz 7.65MB
9957.json.gz 6.92MB
9956.json.gz 6.45MB
9955.json.gz 6.73MB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: books, journals, conference proceedings, Crossref, bibliographic metadata

title= {April 2022 Public Data File from Crossref},
journal= {},
author= {Crossref},
year= {},
doi= {10.13003/83b2gq},
url= {https://doi.org/10.13003/83b2gq},
abstract= {Note that this Crossref metadata is always openly available. The difference here is that we’ve done the time-saving work of putting all of the records registered through April 2022 into one file for download. 

To keep this metadata current, you can access new records via our public API at:


And, if you do use our API, we encourage you to read the section of the documentation on "etiquette". That is, how to use the API without making it impossible for others to use.},
keywords= {bibliographic metadata, journals, conference proceedings, books, Crossref},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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