CONSENT! A study of consent violations in de Dutch BDSM-scene Abstract:

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title = {CONSENT! A study of consent violations in de Dutch BDSM-scene Abstract:},
journal = {},
author = {KinkyMinds},
year = {},
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license = {CC BY-NC-ND},
abstract = {In the Dutch scene, pre-negotiated limits and safeword are ignored on a regular basis. Likewise, many
kinksters have experienced scens that. With hindsight, went too far. This is not always considered bad, and it
´s certainly not always experienced as abuse. Consent is a less absolute given as usually assumed. Condent
is the norm, but not always actual practice.
A substantial part of the consent violations happens at parties. The idea that parties are safe places for a
first scene should be revised at least a little. Kinksters often doubt consent in scenes by other people. Some
of those who doubt take action, some don´t. Yet those who don´t often do so after discussing the situation
with others or a DM. There is no evidence for a massive bystander effect.
A small minority has ever felt the need to use a party safeword. However, this is not the case for all victims
of consent violations at parties. Although a party safeword could contrubute to preventin consent violations,
ist sure is no cure all.