Introduction to Computer Science [CS50x] [Harvard] [2018]

01-CS50x_2018 (192 files)
01-CS50 2017 - Lecture 0 - Scratch.mp4 203.02MB
01-lecture0.pdf 4.42MB
01-lecture0.txt 62.09kB
04-command_line.txt 18.01kB
04-Command Line.mp4 31.08MB
04-Command Line-lnYKOnz9ln8.mp4 33.13MB
04-conditional_statements.txt 9.39kB
04-Conditional Statements-1wsaV5nVC7g.mp4 18.99MB
04-Conditional Statements-FqUeHzvci10.mp4 19.19MB
04-CS50 2017 - Lecture 1 - C-3K4jWlpR4iY.mp4 249.58MB
04-data_types.txt 15.55kB
04-Data Types-luDPUSmTcPc.mp4 30.44MB
04-Data Types-q6K8KMqt8wQ.mp4 33.25MB
04-IDE-6yjl46TzaeI.mp4 31.42MB
04-IDE-tEjbe85aZT4.mp4 27.41MB
04-lecture1.pdf 4.50MB
04-lecture1.txt 89.87kB
04-loops.txt 10.21kB
04-Loops-QOvo-xFL9II.mp4 23.79MB
04-Loops-WgX8e_O7eG8.mp4 22.12MB
04-operators.txt 12.21kB
04-Operators-7apBtlEkJzk.mp4 28.47MB
04-Operators-f1xZf4iJDWE.mp4 27.80MB 6.65kB
08-arrays.txt 13.94kB
08-Arrays-K1yC1xshF40.mp4 37.21MB
08-Arrays-mISkNAfWl8k.mp4 35.21MB
08-command_line_arguments.txt 7.38kB
08-Command Line Arguments-AI6Ccfno6Pk.mp4 22.42MB
08-Command Line Arguments-thL7ILwRNMM.mp4 22.18MB
08-CS50 2017 - Lecture 2 - C, continued-IJNPHorTqQs.mp4 325.70MB
08-Debugging-w4TAY2HPLEg.mp4 71.31MB
08-functions.txt 20.87kB
08-Functions-b7-0sb-DV84.mp4 49.08MB
08-Functions-n1glFqt3g38.mp4 50.98MB
08-lecture2.pdf 3.83MB
08-lecture2.txt 106.85kB
08-magic_numbers.txt 7.33kB
08-Magic Numbers-sLWTR8chcQk.mp4 21.96MB
08-Magic Numbers-vK_naJkrtjc.mp4 22.40MB 6.61kB
08-Variables and Scope-GiFbdVGjF9I.mp4 20.26MB
08-Variables and Scope-IQjPKJtYGQk.mp4 18.57MB
12-algorithms_summary.txt 4.52kB
12-Algorithms Summary-j_pXizwRKVw.mp4 10.23MB
12-Algorithms Summary-ktWL3nN38ZA.mp4 11.69MB
12-binary_search.txt 9.94kB
12-Binary Search-aYvuxAPECiw.mp4 20.45MB
12-Binary Search-T98PIp4omUA.mp4 25.85MB
12-Bubble Sort-LZaU8GHNsQI.mp4 11.86MB
12-Bubble Sort-RT-hUXUWQ2I.mp4 13.76MB
12-computational_complexity.txt 12.82kB
12-Computational Complexity-trwEuug3YFA.mp4 29.53MB
12-Computational Complexity-YoZPTyGL2IQ.mp4 33.21MB
12-CS50 2017 - Lecture 3 - Algorithms-U9o49qwa6hk.mp4 320.61MB
12-gdb.txt 14.05kB
12-GDB-G4OIp_5fF1A.mp4 32.78MB
12-GDB-rfTNwns2gVA.mp4 29.01MB
12-insertion_sort.txt 4.33kB
12-Insertion Sort-kU9M51eKSX8.mp4 11.58MB
12-Insertion Sort-ntB1D3Bbz5I.mp4 8.60MB
12-lecture3.pdf 2.14MB
12-lecture3.txt 105.66kB
12-linear_search.txt 2.97kB
12-Linear Search-iip4uC3Y8F4.mp4 5.46MB
12-Linear Search-TwsgCHYmbbA.mp4 7.08MB
12-Merge Sort-yF3hMKmCk1A.mp4 25.39MB
12-recursion.txt 13.07kB
12-Recursion-mz6tAJMVmfM.mp4 40.10MB
12-Recursion-nrXIMgInokU.mp4 38.04MB
12-selection_sort.txt 4.03kB
12-Selection Sort-3hH8kTHFw2A.mp4 9.49MB
12-Selection Sort-NEbb4XqKDNU.mp4 8.03MB 2.98kB
16-call_stacks.txt 5.90kB
16-Call Stacks-j_oJoK0LoJY.mp4 18.35MB
16-CS50 2017 - Lecture 4 - Memory-Zn8OJMYT-gc.mp4 306.37MB
16-Dynamic Memory Allocation-9uhSYDY4sxA.mp4 46.21MB
16-Dynamic Memory Allocation-gkA_H8HlwRE.mp4 45.71MB
16-file_pointers.txt 18.02kB
16-File Pointers--BNy3eEBGt0.mp4 45.77MB
16-File Pointers-bOF-SpEAYgk.mp4 47.83MB
16-hexadecimal.txt 8.65kB
16-Hexadecimal-8okwMK6htKE.mp4 25.25MB
16-Hexadecimal-u_atXp-NF6w.mp4 30.72MB
16-lecture4.pdf 2.96MB
16-lecture4.txt 103.82kB
16-pointers.txt 28.55kB
16-Pointers-8VAhORT0ZW8.mp4 85.72MB
16-Pointers-XISnO2YhnsY.mp4 85.79MB 6.12kB
20-CS50 2017 - Lecture 5 - Data Structures-eZQBx8YJ6Zs.mp4 448.73MB
20-custom_types.txt 3.73kB
20-data_structures.txt 9.54kB
20-Data Structures-3uGchQbk7g8.mp4 30.02MB
20-Data Structures-Ryz5KK5G8Sc.mp4 26.10MB
20-Defining Custom Types-crxfzK3Oc9M.mp4 11.17MB
20-Defining Custom Types-v7MdPP2fyj4.mp4 12.05MB
20-hash_tables.txt 19.31kB
20-Hash Tables-2wyCY1sX9II.mp4 61.75MB
20-Hash Tables-a97eCq6EN88.mp4 51.79MB
20-lecture5.pdf 5.37MB
20-lecture5.txt 110.41kB
20-queues.txt 15.45kB
20-Queues-3TmUv1uS92s.mp4 44.64MB
20-Queues-XVezfHlhZjk.mp4 38.02MB
20-singly_linked_lists.txt 24.52kB
20-Singly-Linked Lists-xdkSNe43iNM.mp4 69.94MB
20-Singly-Linked Lists-zQI3FyWm144.mp4 67.00MB 3.55kB
20-stacks.txt 15.08kB
20-Stacks-2JVse9x1rug.mp4 35.85MB
20-Stacks-hVsNqhEthOk.mp4 41.98MB
20-structures.txt 7.91kB
20-Structures-E4lb2gkyXr8.mp4 18.07MB
20-tries.txt 17.04kB
20-Tries-MC-iQHFdEDI.mp4 50.92MB
20-Tries-MTxh0kx1Vvs.mp4 44.01MB
24-CS50 2017 - Lecture 6 - HTTP-PUPDGbnpSjw.mp4 391.88MB
24-css.txt 14.50kB
24-CSS-G9mq8-DLVAg.mp4 29.92MB
24-CSS-Ub3FKU21ubk.mp4 29.44MB
24-html.txt 22.79kB
24-HTML-oxkgCvwEfWo.mp4 55.03MB
24-HTML-YK78KhMf7bs.mp4 49.06MB
24-http.txt 14.94kB
24-HTTP-4axL8Gfw2nI.mp4 41.32MB
24-HTTP-o8L4vINWpaA.mp4 41.62MB
24-internet_primer.txt 20.15kB
24-Internet Primer-04GztBlVo_s.mp4 54.33MB
24-Internet Primer-SJnXSwEWziM.mp4 54.73MB
24-ip.txt 16.68kB
24-IP-A1g9SokDJSU.mp4 41.90MB
24-IP-W_YVYU-VFKc.mp4 41.80MB
24-lecture6.pdf 6.77MB
24-lecture6.txt 102.72kB
27-CS50 2017 - Lecture 7 - Dynamic Programming-0y5UkZc-C8Y.mp4 167.44MB
27-lecture7.pdf 513.87kB
27-lecture7.txt 56.07kB
29-CS50 2017 - Lecture 8 - Python-n_8zxTH7SvA.mp4 283.51MB
29-lecture8.pdf 2.17MB
29-lecture8.txt 88.37kB
31-CS50 2017 - Lecture 9 - Python, continued-icOod04jYww.mp4 309.89MB
31-Flask-jOKx1JkRlho.mp4 43.02MB
31-Flask-X0dwkDh8kwA.mp4 35.60MB
31-lecture9.pdf 327.86kB
31-lecture9.txt 82.70kB
31-Python-8xCzjOnfQbw.mp4 86.21MB
31-Python-mgBpcQRDtl0.mp4 75.62MB 28.62kB
35-CS50 2017 - Lecture 10 - SQL-MaqfxpCBMJI.mp4 346.99MB
35-Flask-jOKx1JkRlho.mp4 43.02MB
35-Flask-X0dwkDh8kwA.mp4 35.60MB
35-lecture10.pdf 4.88MB
35-lecture10.txt 108.56kB
35-mvc.txt 12.95kB
35-MVC-Fr4P6FkZUTE.mp4 33.46MB
35-MVC-xgyc_wOQt2Y.mp4 36.08MB
35-sql.txt 29.49kB
35-SQL-AywtnUjQ6X4.mp4 51.30MB
35-SQL-nfGiGSCEYRI.mp4 56.64MB 957.41kB
39-ajax.txt 10.50kB
39-AJAX-dQcBs4S-wEQ.mp4 38.95MB
39-CS50 2017 - Lecture 11 - JavaScript-4qQW1uSoxRg.mp4 332.52MB
39-DOM-LKWJpgvfH3U.mp4 54.58MB
39-JavaScript-dQVlYLi8cRU.mp4 38.77MB
39-Javascript-Z93IaNfavZw.mp4 46.38MB
39-lecture11.pdf 1.20MB
39-lecture11.txt 105.98kB 15.28kB
43-3d_ar_cultural_heritage.pdf 143.24MB
43-3D World, Augmented Reality, and Cultural Heritage by Zach Zeyu Wang-x_hPkkbz0o0.mp4 180.00MB
43-A Tale of Two Pizzas - Accelerating Software Delivery with AWS Developer Tools-1eYslprl5D8.mp4 159.15MB
43-Building Products at Uber - How We Bridge the Physical and Digital Worlds-Tv852-I-HPc.mp4 228.94MB
43-collaborative_coding.pdf 1.19MB
43-computer_vision.pdf 83.04kB 2.89MB
43-Computer Vision and Machine Learning, by Nick Wong-PMsY5PlDVQw.mp4 243.41MB
43-Create Your Own Virtual Reality by London Lowmanstone-Wee7NP0Hqto.mp4 176.13MB
43-CS50 2017 - Lecture 12 - The End-82zBV81rJC8.mp4 302.37MB
43-Drawing React Apps with Pagedraw, by Gabriel Guimaraes-UhVXKJpwtVA.mp4 210.10MB
43-Falling in LÖVE with Lua-3k4CMAaNCuk.mp4 290.50MB
43-Frontend Development with React, by Teddy Liu-3HMtarQAt3A.mp4 78.10MB
43-Fruit Street Telehealth - Technology Changing Healthcare-PFqZzXjwOVg.mp4 315.34MB
43-google_apps.pdf 3.90MB
43-Google Apps Script and G Suite APIs, by Sundar Solai-WJ7edLDaX3E.mp4 132.81MB
43-GUI with Python's Tkinter, by Robert Jomar Malate-JrWHyqonGj8.mp4 115.00MB
43-java.pdf 906.76kB
43-lecture12.pdf 69.77MB
43-lecture12.txt 55.79kB
43-microsofts_makecode_microbit.pdf 3.84MB
Type: Course
Tags: Science, computer, cs50x, introduction, harvard, yale, course

title= {Introduction to Computer Science [CS50x] [Harvard] [2018]},
keywords= {course, computer, cs50x, Science, introduction, harvard, yale},
journal= {},
author= {},
year= {},
url= {},
license= {},
abstract= {"Demanding, but definitely doable. Social, but educational. A focused topic, but broadly applicable skills. CS50 is the quintessential Harvard (and Yale!) course.

Hello, world! This is CS50 (aka CS50x through edX), Harvard University's introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming. 

Introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming. This course teaches students how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently. Topics include abstraction, algorithms, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, security, software engineering, and web development. Languages include C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript plus CSS and HTML. Problem sets inspired by real-world domains of biology, cryptography, finance, forensics, and gaming. Designed for majors and non-majors alike, with or without prior programming experience.

superseded= {},
terms= {}

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