[Coursera] Computer Architecture
David Wentzlaff (Princeton University)

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filelectures/05-Superscalar1/Computer Architecture 4.2 L4S3 Superscalar 1 (642).mp4 14.12MB
filelectures/05-Superscalar1/Computer Architecture 4.3 L4S4 Basic Two-way In-order Superscalar (456).mp4 9.94MB
filelectures/05-Superscalar1/Computer Architecture 4.4 L4S5 Fetch Logic and Alignment (1101).mp4 20.05MB
filelectures/06-Superscalar3-and-Exceptions/Computer Architecture 5.0 L5S1 Baseline Superscalar and Alignment (416).mp4 8.90MB
filelectures/06-Superscalar3-and-Exceptions/Computer Architecture 5.1 L5S2 Interrupts and Bypassing (1213).mp4 24.81MB
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filelectures/06-Superscalar3-and-Exceptions/Computer Architecture 5.3 L5S4 Introduction to Out-of-Order Processors (3053).mp4 64.93MB
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filelectures/07-Superscalar3/Computer Architecture 6.4 L6S5 IO2I Processors (431).mp4 8.46MB
filelectures/08-Superscalar4/Computer Architecture 7.0 L7S1 Speculation and Branch (1437).mp4 30.49MB
filelectures/08-Superscalar4/Computer Architecture 7.1 L7S2 Register Renaming Introduction (1108).mp4 66.37MB
filelectures/08-Superscalar4/Computer Architecture 7.2 L7S3 Register Renaming with Pointers to IQ and ROB (2454).mp4 148.66MB
filelectures/08-Superscalar4/Computer Architecture 7.3 L7S4 Register Renaming with Values in IQ and ROB (1214).mp4 70.87MB
filelectures/08-Superscalar4/Computer Architecture 7.4 L7S5 Memory Disambiguation (949).mp4 58.63MB
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title= {[Coursera] Computer Architecture },
keywords= {},
journal= {},
author= {David Wentzlaff (Princeton University)},
year= {},
url= {},
license= {},
abstract= {About this course: In this course, you will learn to design the computer architecture of complex modern microprocessors.

### Introduction, Instruction Set Architecture, and Microcode
This lecture will give you a broad overview of the course, as well as the description of architecture, micro-architecture and instruction set architectures.  

### Pipelining Review
This lecture covers the basic concept of pipeline and two different types of hazards.  

### Cache Review
This lecture covers control hazards and the motivation for caches.  

### Superscalar 1
This lecture covers cache characteristics and basic superscalar architecture.  

### Superscalar 2 & Exceptions
This lecture covers the common issues for superscalar architecture.  

### Superscalar 3
This lecture covers different kinds of architectures for out-of-order processors.  

### Superscalar 4
This lecture covers the common methods used to improve the performance of out-of-order processors including register renaming and memory disambiguation.  

### VLIW 1
This lecture covers the basic concept of very long instruction word (VLIW) processors.  

### VLIW2
This lecture covers the common methods used to improve VLIW performance.  

### Branch Prediction
This lecture covers the motivation and implementation of branch predictors.  

### Advanced Caches 1
This lecture covers the advanced mechanisms used to improve cache performance.  

### Advanced Caches 2
This lecture covers more advanced mechanisms used to improve cache performance. 

### Memory Protection
This lecture covers memory management and protection.  

### Vector Processors and GPUs
This lecture covers the vector processor and optimizations for vector processors.  

### Multithreading
This lecture covers different types of multithreading.  

### Parallel Programming 1
This lecture covers the concepts of parallelism, consistency models, and basic parallel programming techniques.  

### Parallel Programming 2
This lecture covers the solutions for the consistency problem in parallel programming.  

### Small Multiprocessors
This lecture covers the implementation of small multiprocessors.  

### Multiprocessor Interconnect 1
This lecture covers the design of interconnects for a multiprocessor.  

### Multiprocessor Interconnect 2
This lecture covers the design of interconnects for multiprocessor and network topology.  

### Large Multiprocessors (Directory Protocols)
This lecture covers the motivation and implementation of directory protocol used for coherence on large multiproccesors.  

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