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title= { driving dataset},
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journal= {},
author= {Comma AI},
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license= {Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0},
abstract= {This dataset contains more than seven hours of highway driving for you to use in your projects.

Details included within the dataset are:

- The speed of the car
- The acceleration
- The steering angle
- GPS coordinates

You won’t need to register on the site to download the dataset, it can be downloaded with a single click. For your convenience, we’ve included the direct download links below so you can instantly download and use them!


45 GB compressed, 80 GB uncompressed

dog/2016-01-30--11-24-51 (7.7G)
dog/2016-01-30--13-46-00 (8.5G)
dog/2016-01-31--19-19-25 (3.0G)
dog/2016-02-02--10-16-58 (8.1G)
dog/2016-02-08--14-56-28 (3.9G)
dog/2016-02-11--21-32-47 (13G)
dog/2016-03-29--10-50-20 (12G)
emily/2016-04-21--14-48-08 (4.4G)
emily/2016-05-12--22-20-00 (7.5G)
frodo/2016-06-02--21-39-29 (6.5G)
frodo/2016-06-08--11-46-01 (2.7G)

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## Dataset structure
The dataset consists of 10 videos clips of variable size recorded at 20 Hz
with a camera mounted on the windshield of an Acura ILX 2016. In parallel to the videos
we also recorded some measurements such as car's speed, acceleration,
steering angle, GPS coordinates, gyroscope angles. See the full `log` list [here](
These measurements are transformed into a uniform 100 Hz time base.

The dataset folder structure is the following:
+-- dataset
|   +-- camera
|   |   +-- 2016-04-21--14-48-08
|   |   ...
|   +-- log
|   |   +-- 2016-04-21--14-48-08
|   |   ...

All the files come in hdf5 format and are named with the time they were recorded.
The camera dataset has shape `number_frames x 3 x 160 x 320` and `uint8` type.
One of the `log` hdf5-datasets is called `cam1_ptr` and addresses the alignment
between camera frames and the other measurements.},
superseded= {},
terms= {}

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