New York City Taxi Trip Data 2013
Chris Whong

Type: Dataset

title = {New York City Taxi Trip Data 2013},
journal = {},
author = { Chris Whong},
year = {2013},
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license = {},
abstract = {There are two folders of data, Faredata_2013 and Tripdata_2013.  Each folder contains chunks of data in csv format, ranging from ~1.5 to ~2.5 GB in size.

Fare data looks like this, showing medallion, hack_license, vendor_id, pickup date/time, payment type, fare, tip amount (look at all those zeros!), tolls, and total.

Trip data (the good stuff!) looks like this.  Each file has about 14 million rows, and each row contains medallion, hack license, vendor id, rate code, store and forward flag, pickup date/time dropoff date/time, passenger count, trip time in seconds, trip distance, and latitude/longitude coordinates for the pickup and dropoff locations.  The possibilities are endless!  I smell a tip analysis coming on!}
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