1000 Fundus images with 39 categories
Joint Shantou International Eye Centre (JSIEC)

Type: Dataset

title= {1000 Fundus images with 39 categories},
keywords= {},
author= {Joint Shantou International Eye Centre (JSIEC)},
abstract= {All these 1000 fundus images which belong to 39 classes are come from the Joint Shantou International Eye Centre (JSIEC), Shantou city, Guangdong province ,China. These images are a small part of total 209,494 fundus images to be used for training validating and testing our deep learning platform. The copyright of these images belongs to JSIEC, and can be freely used for any purpose.


3.1M	1000images/12.Disc swelling and elevation
2.6M	1000images/26.Fibrosis
 23M	1000images/0.0.Normal
2.4M	1000images/15.1.Bietti crystalline dystrophy
3.8M	1000images/22.Cotton-wool spots
9.8M	1000images/8.MH
4.5M	1000images/24.Chorioretinal atrophy-coloboma
3.4M	1000images/25.Preretinal hemorrhage
2.9M	1000images/14.Congenital disc abnormality
4.7M	1000images/28.Silicon oil in eye
 19M	1000images/1.1.DR3
3.5M	1000images/16.Peripheral retinal degeneration and break
4.4M	1000images/10.0.Possible glaucoma
 28M	1000images/1.0.DR2
 19M	1000images/0.2.Large optic cup
8.9M	1000images/7.ERM
 22M	1000images/9.Pathological myopia
2.8M	1000images/20.Massive hard exudates
 74M	1000images/29.0.Blur fundus without PDR
 12M	1000images/15.0.Retinitis pigmentosa
2.8M	1000images/13.Dragged Disc
5.6M	1000images/5.1.VKH disease
 27M	1000images/4.Rhegmatogenous RD
 33M	1000images/6.Maculopathy
 12M	1000images/0.3.DR1
 12M	1000images/21.Yellow-white spots-flecks
 19M	1000images/2.0.BRVO
1.6M	1000images/19.Fundus neoplasm
 13M	1000images/29.1.Blur fundus with suspected PDR
4.6M	1000images/2.1.CRVO
5.0M	1000images/23.Vessel tortuosity
5.5M	1000images/10.1.Optic atrophy
6.2M	1000images/5.0.CSCR
4.3M	1000images/11.Severe hypertensive retinopathy
2.8M	1000images/17.Myelinated nerve fiber
6.1M	1000images/0.1.Tessellated fundus
5.3M	1000images/27.Laser Spots
3.7M	1000images/18.Vitreous particles
3.6M	1000images/3.RAO
429M	1000images
terms= {},
license= {can be freely used for any purpose},
superseded= {},
url= {https://www.kaggle.com/linchundan/fundusimage1000}

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