NOAA Weather Data 2002
NOAA's National Climatic Data Center

2002 (12654 files)
117820-99999-2002.gz 772.66kB
117740-99999-2002.gz 617.43kB
117660-99999-2002.gz 433.02kB
117480-99999-2002.gz 651.68kB
117350-99999-2002.gz 0.19kB
117230-99999-2002.gz 775.57kB
117220-99999-2002.gz 0.16kB
117100-99999-2002.gz 445.06kB
116980-99999-2002.gz 442.81kB
116930-99999-2002.gz 499.39kB
116920-99999-2002.gz 686.14kB
116830-99999-2002.gz 444.30kB
116790-99999-2002.gz 483.34kB
116590-99999-2002.gz 463.43kB
116520-99999-2002.gz 660.00kB
116480-99999-2002.gz 0.23kB
116430-99999-2002.gz 437.96kB
116360-99999-2002.gz 474.99kB
116280-99999-2002.gz 198.88kB
116240-99999-2002.gz 596.34kB
116030-99999-2002.gz 484.93kB
115670-99999-2002.gz 463.60kB
115460-99999-2002.gz 296.88kB
115410-99999-2002.gz 276.49kB
115400-99999-2002.gz 0.22kB
115380-99999-2002.gz 496.67kB
115200-99999-2002.gz 480.27kB
115180-99999-2002.gz 801.65kB
115090-99999-2002.gz 476.25kB
115020-99999-2002.gz 474.78kB
114870-99999-2002.gz 513.35kB
114640-99999-2002.gz 427.27kB
114570-99999-2002.gz 464.14kB
114480-99999-2002.gz 130.83kB
114380-99999-2002.gz 488.90kB
114230-99999-2002.gz 441.59kB
114140-99999-2002.gz 645.10kB
114060-99999-2002.gz 467.13kB
113850-99999-2002.gz 142.51kB
113840-99999-2002.gz 128.46kB
113830-99999-2002.gz 0.18kB
113820-99999-2002.gz 129.06kB
113800-99999-2002.gz 126.26kB
113700-99999-2002.gz 136.71kB
113600-99999-2002.gz 0.23kB
113580-99999-2002.gz 89.55kB
113570-99999-2002.gz 122.02kB
113560-99999-2002.gz 88.62kB
113550-99999-2002.gz 120.69kB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: Weather, NOAA

@article{, title = {NOAA Weather Data 2002}, journal = {}, author = {NOAA's National Climatic Data Center}, year = {2002}, url = {}, abstract = {This contains ISH/ISD data in directories by year. Please note that ISH and ISD refer to the same data--Integrated Surface Data, sometimes called Integrated Surface Hourly. The filenames correspond with the station numbers listed in the ish-history.txt file described below -- eg, 723150-03812-2006 corresponds with USAF number 723150 and WBAN number 03812.} }

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