N+1 fish, N+2 fish dataset (test_videos)
N+1 fish, N+2 fish

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filezZTSa7AIHkoOtowY.mp4 65.87MB
filezx15Tp4qAqEKS6RC.mp4 115.12MB
filezyjEx84aUTaBzbIX.mp4 77.77MB
fileZx4sYm4mNgSiE4Ef.mp4 44.52MB
filezx9jOj9W1l0QfH6E.mp4 45.17MB
fileZU6XtvFk0UMrHLEL.mp4 168.46MB
fileZuUXSVYizhuz6GRl.mp4 30.25MB
fileZWhjMGsQagEQyKw4.mp4 3.11MB
filezRDrkGy8NdLbtCjQ.mp4 131.81MB
fileZtuEqQbZV15Fgexj.mp4 137.38MB
filezNBoeW9RsZaK64ox.mp4 45.53MB
fileZPbyZj8y7DnyCQ1Q.mp4 22.74MB
fileZpRnoz8h1OSTlbrG.mp4 53.47MB
filezjvCxfbC8cNvFYin.mp4 79.70MB
fileZjzVRo7gTHBqinWK.mp4 8.81MB
filezFhPI1QBcDZonG2v.mp4 31.60MB
fileZGYwO6DPgzSY4o8t.mp4 44.86MB
filezJBjpCwPNiusxZca.mp4 34.50MB
filezAKCL7Vth3sddIrd.mp4 12.08MB
fileZAKosyPYJFptY7wk.mp4 99.28MB
filezaVDOVQfvHeg93mx.mp4 42.35MB
fileYtiNfXUcUZUCSfOP.mp4 19.78MB
fileYYLPygGBVzjyux42.mp4 49.26MB
filez9IYZ8OvL9aSQFaA.mp4 21.79MB
fileYmHHHnNiOnkg1fi0.mp4 4.18MB
fileYmvuPBvowIPLtrpA.mp4 65.50MB
fileYOEHWRUtbrC3pAik.mp4 40.71MB
fileYKAZHl7rb5QSJE8o.mp4 67.43MB
fileYkDKu3Oaes0Y6sIA.mp4 51.43MB
fileYLPpw0VWhtjDYnqM.mp4 82.20MB
fileyg7ECQpO3ldaUfeK.mp4 10.51MB
fileyJ401V4XyitAcblO.mp4 42.72MB
fileYKABhUPv9sHWRPiZ.mp4 4.41MB
fileYcaLUNnd6nOI9USh.mp4 262.59MB
fileYCwkYgEv3Wb4AJ20.mp4 126.75MB
fileYEQYOWjqfInkhzNl.mp4 31.58MB
fileY516seZDDhZifUrq.mp4 75.11MB
fileYAMN4bVzV6ZwiTc1.mp4 27.37MB
filexzo3wNe4D9jx5dK9.mp4 64.35MB
filexzPXYidqXQVMk20S.mp4 60.32MB
filey25nn2sEk5Z0vxwa.mp4 62.69MB
filexWMq9SGPf3sE0F1m.mp4 144.74MB
filexxyJIpwgvm1hvQ92.mp4 109.38MB
fileXZ6A4zeUrBfhYH2O.mp4 37.82MB
fileXs7WvDh6H3p6dXFe.mp4 24.50MB
fileXuGKKvJVGA8dbRmj.mp4 19.66MB
fileXpRNGyA80RhGlPuF.mp4 18.83MB
fileXQcs0x8q2FxLGNN6.mp4 22.90MB
fileXQR04mtq2iAWmaZ9.mp4 29.94MB
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Type: Dataset

title= {N+1 fish, N+2 fish dataset (test_videos)},
journal= {},
author= {N+1 fish, N+2 fish},
year= {},
url= {},
abstract= {Our video data was collected for an ongoing monitoring project involving our partners at The Nature Conservancy-Massachusetts (TNC) and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI). We worked with the fishermen to create a dataset of video footage from different boats that can be released to the public. 

The video data is in the form of standard and well supported MP4 v2 format with H.264 compression. These videos are on average 35 minutes long at a resolution of 640x480 and and vary between 150MB to 550MB in size. We will also provide cropped fish images to aid in training complementary models. Our annotations will be categorial with each fish having a single species. 

There are six species of interest for this competition, which appear in a non-balanced proportion. As we aim to achieve performance on each of these species, we will be compiling a data set that is mostly balanced across these species. Complicating factors include different catch distributions across different vessels, which can have an adverse performance on the types of algorithms submitted if people attempt to game the system by parameterizing these distributions. We are attempting to balance the data set by providing at least 100 unique fish for each species within the videos from multiple vessels.


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