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Tags: openaccess, openscience, publicdomain, papers

title= {crossref-pre-1923-scholarly-works},
journal= {},
author= {},
year= {},
url= {},
abstract= {PDF files from various sources, often with added OCR. They were all published before 1923 in international journals. I'm not providing legal advice, but if you consider them simultaneously published to USA they should all be in the public domain in the USA. Yet, publishers apply indiscriminate copyright statements to the contrary, which may constitute copyfraud, and lock nearly all of them behind paywalls or other hurdles, hoping to milk some more profit for who knows how many centuries.

You can also download PDFs by individual publisher, going by their DOI prefix and checking the full list of DOIs.},
keywords= {openaccess, openscience, publicdomain, papers},
terms= {},
license= {CC-0},
superseded= {}

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