papers-past (1657 files)
AS/AS_1871.tar.gz 143.71MB
AS/AS_1872.tar.gz 185.08MB
AS/AS_1870.tar.gz 90.67MB
ALG/ALG_1862.tar.gz 230.65kB
ALG/ALG_1863.tar.gz 869.41kB
ALG/ALG_1864.tar.gz 670.90kB
AG/AG_1894.tar.gz 173.45MB
AG/AG_1895.tar.gz 179.78MB
AG/AG_1896.tar.gz 173.45MB
AG/AG_1897.tar.gz 176.05MB
AG/AG_1898.tar.gz 173.59MB
AG/AG_1899.tar.gz 171.61MB
AG/AG_1893.tar.gz 172.25MB
AG/AG_1891.tar.gz 201.54MB
AG/AG_1892.tar.gz 182.41MB
AG/AG_1889.tar.gz 221.89MB
AG/AG_1890.tar.gz 205.05MB
AG/AG_1888.tar.gz 222.90MB
AG/AG_1887.tar.gz 219.70MB
AG/AG_1885.tar.gz 164.82MB
AG/AG_1886.tar.gz 153.33MB
AG/AG_1880.tar.gz 132.10MB
AG/AG_1881.tar.gz 156.53MB
AG/AG_1882.tar.gz 107.11MB
AG/AG_1883.tar.gz 172.72MB
AG/AG_1884.tar.gz 104.55MB
AG/AG_1879.tar.gz 29.53MB
AS/AS_1891.tar.gz 477.41MB
AS/AS_1892.tar.gz 476.07MB
AS/AS_1889.tar.gz 470.60MB
AS/AS_1890.tar.gz 466.45MB
AS/AS_1887.tar.gz 490.54MB
AS/AS_1888.tar.gz 465.57MB
AS/AS_1885.tar.gz 438.57MB
AS/AS_1886.tar.gz 478.28MB
AS/AS_1883.tar.gz 418.25MB
AS/AS_1884.tar.gz 436.49MB
AS/AS_1881.tar.gz 401.50MB
AS/AS_1882.tar.gz 413.10MB
AS/AS_1879.tar.gz 343.34MB
AS/AS_1880.tar.gz 373.64MB
AS/AS_1877.tar.gz 271.64MB
AS/AS_1878.tar.gz 268.81MB
AS/AS_1875.tar.gz 243.77MB
AS/AS_1876.tar.gz 264.45MB
AS/AS_1873.tar.gz 229.57MB
AS/AS_1874.tar.gz 220.52MB
AS/AS_1893.tar.gz 455.60MB
AS/AS_1894.tar.gz 474.13MB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: OCR, text, alto, mets, xml, 19C, newspapers

title= {papers-past},
journal= {},
author= {},
year= {1839/1899},
url= {},
abstract= {National Library of New Zealand "Papers Past" open data pilot. 19th C newspaper text, OCR in METS/ALTO XML.},
keywords= {OCR, text, 19C, newspapers, alto, mets, xml},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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