AVA: A Large-Scale Database for Aesthetic Visual Analysis
Naila Murray and Luca Marchesotti and Florent Perronnin

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Type: Dataset
Tags: images, quality, AVA, DPChallenge, aesthetics, semantic

title= {AVA: A Large-Scale Database for Aesthetic Visual Analysis},
keywords= {semantic, quality, AVA, DPChallenge, images, aesthetics},
journal= {},
author= {Naila Murray and Luca Marchesotti and Florent Perronnin},
year= {},
url= {},
license= {},
abstract= {Aesthetic Visual Analysis (AVA) contains over 250,000 images along with a rich variety of meta-data including a large number of aesthetic scores for each image, semantic labels for over 60 categories as well as labels related to photographic style for high-level image quality categorization.},
superseded= {},
terms= {}

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