Reddit Public Comments (2007-10 through 2015-05)

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2007/RC_2007-10.bz2 13.27MB
2007/RC_2007-11.bz2 28.68MB
2007/RC_2007-12.bz2 31.15MB
2008/RC_2008-01.bz2 38.01MB
2008/RC_2008-02.bz2 37.12MB
2008/RC_2008-03.bz2 38.88MB
2008/RC_2008-04.bz2 39.83MB
2008/RC_2008-05.bz2 45.26MB
2008/RC_2008-06.bz2 49.59MB
2008/RC_2008-07.bz2 51.53MB
2008/RC_2008-08.bz2 51.43MB
2008/RC_2008-09.bz2 58.70MB
2008/RC_2008-10.bz2 67.48MB
2008/RC_2008-11.bz2 66.71MB
2008/RC_2008-12.bz2 73.35MB
2009/RC_2009-01.bz2 90.82MB
2009/RC_2009-02.bz2 82.58MB
2009/RC_2009-03.bz2 94.01MB
2009/RC_2009-04.bz2 97.59MB
2009/RC_2009-05.bz2 109.78MB
2009/RC_2009-06.bz2 116.58MB
2009/RC_2009-07.bz2 135.83MB
2009/RC_2009-08.bz2 160.50MB
2009/RC_2009-09.bz2 182.43MB
2009/RC_2009-10.bz2 209.27MB
2009/RC_2009-11.bz2 203.71MB
2009/RC_2009-12.bz2 233.04MB
2010/RC_2010-01.bz2 263.73MB
2010/RC_2010-02.bz2 249.56MB
2010/RC_2010-03.bz2 297.25MB
2010/RC_2010-04.bz2 291.98MB
2010/RC_2010-05.bz2 295.38MB
2010/RC_2010-06.bz2 318.70MB
2010/RC_2010-07.bz2 368.75MB
2010/RC_2010-08.bz2 388.09MB
2010/RC_2010-09.bz2 428.51MB
2010/RC_2010-10.bz2 462.99MB
2010/RC_2010-11.bz2 523.42MB
2010/RC_2010-12.bz2 550.26MB
2011/RC_2011-01.bz2 613.09MB
2011/RC_2011-02.bz2 594.27MB
2011/RC_2011-03.bz2 703.99MB
2011/RC_2011-04.bz2 688.17MB
2011/RC_2011-05.bz2 798.04MB
2011/RC_2011-06.bz2 884.63MB
2011/RC_2011-07.bz2 946.13MB
2011/RC_2011-08.bz2 1.10GB
2011/RC_2011-09.bz2 1.10GB
2011/RC_2011-10.bz2 1.23GB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: reddit, comments

title= {Reddit Public Comments (2007-10 through 2015-05)},
journal= {},
author= {Stuck_In_the_Matrix},
year= {2015},
url= {},
license= {},
abstract= {~1.7 billion JSON comment objects from complete with the comment, score, author, subreddit, position in comment tree and other fields that are available through Reddit's API.},
keywords= {reddit, comments},
terms= {}

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