Internet Census 2012
Carna Botnet

InternetCensus2012 (2214 files)
data/tcpip_fp/184.zpaq 11.98MB
data/tcpip_fp/183.zpaq 17.28MB
data/tcpip_fp/182.zpaq 10.84MB
data/tcpip_fp/181.zpaq 1.77MB
data/tcpip_fp/180.zpaq 15.24MB
data/tcpip_fp/178.zpaq 14.92MB
data/tcpip_fp/179.zpaq 3.11kB
data/serviceprobes/9002-TCP_GenericLines.tar 256.68MB
data/serviceprobes/9003-TCP_GenericLines.tar 265.36MB
data/serviceprobes/9030-TCP_GetRequest.tar 341.96MB
data/serviceprobes/9050-TCP_GetRequest.tar 369.86MB
data/serviceprobes/9080-TCP_GetRequest.tar 374.24MB
data/serviceprobes/9088-TCP_drda.tar 313.28MB
data/serviceprobes/9088-TCP_informix.tar 365.16MB
data/serviceprobes/9089-TCP_drda.tar 367.88MB
data/serviceprobes/9089-TCP_informix.tar 379.82MB
data/serviceprobes/9090-TCP_drda.tar 737.99MB
data/serviceprobes/9090-TCP_GetRequest.tar 378.85MB
data/serviceprobes/9090-TCP_informix.tar 353.98MB
data/serviceprobes/9090-TCP_SqueezeCenter_CLI.tar 356.45MB
data/serviceprobes/9090-TCP_WMSRequest.tar 395.76MB
data/serviceprobes/9091-TCP_drda.tar 367.74MB
data/serviceprobes/9091-TCP_informix.tar 380.11MB
data/serviceprobes/9092-TCP_drda.tar 375.86MB
data/serviceprobes/9092-TCP_informix.tar 373.19MB
data/serviceprobes/9093-TCP_drda.tar 327.43MB
data/serviceprobes/9093-TCP_informix.tar 369.42MB
data/serviceprobes/9094-TCP_drda.tar 382.94MB
data/serviceprobes/9094-TCP_informix.tar 323.72MB
data/serviceprobes/9095-TCP_drda.tar 385.64MB
data/serviceprobes/9095-TCP_informix.tar 291.07MB
data/serviceprobes/9096-TCP_drda.tar 366.19MB
data/serviceprobes/9096-TCP_informix.tar 376.58MB
data/serviceprobes/9097-TCP_drda.tar 387.32MB
data/serviceprobes/9097-TCP_informix.tar 632.21MB
data/serviceprobes/9098-TCP_drda.tar 271.34MB
data/serviceprobes/9098-TCP_informix.tar 361.14MB
data/serviceprobes/9099-TCP_drda.tar 379.58MB
data/serviceprobes/9099-TCP_informix.tar 372.82MB
data/serviceprobes/9100-TCP_drda.tar 642.76MB
data/serviceprobes/9100-TCP_hp-pjl.tar 396.48MB
data/serviceprobes/9100-TCP_informix.tar 356.89MB
data/serviceprobes/9100-UDP_NTPRequest.tar 274.41MB
data/serviceprobes/9101-TCP_hp-pjl.tar 334.94MB
data/serviceprobes/9102-TCP_hp-pjl.tar 362.83MB
data/serviceprobes/9102-TCP_SMBProgNeg.tar 317.32MB
data/serviceprobes/9103-TCP_hp-pjl.tar 360.65MB
data/serviceprobes/9103-TCP_SMBProgNeg.tar 373.34MB
data/serviceprobes/9104-TCP_hp-pjl.tar 378.20MB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: Dataset, Internet

title= {Internet Census 2012},
journal= {},
author= {Carna Botnet},
year= {2012},
url= {},
license= {public domain},
abstract= {All data collected during the Internet Census 2012 is available for download via BitTorrent. It is released into public domain so everybody can use it for any purpose. For an explanation of what this data is and how it was obtained, see Paper.

The full download is 568GB large. The data is segmented and organized into folders and subfolders, so you may just choose the files you need and don't have to download everything. The data is tab separated, ordered by IP and timestamp. The torrent also contains an offline version of this website and tab separated lists of the data which can be browsed in the service probe overview section, in the Hilbert Browser and in the reverse DNS overview.

The data is compressed using ZPAQ 1.10, which is default in Debian and Ubuntu. It was found to have the smallest filesize, although it comes at the cost of very high cpu usage. Python code to distribute decompression workload across LAN computers is part of the code pack. Decompressing all data results in 9TB of raw logfiles, but this code can also be used to recompress the data into gzip files. The gziped dataset should be ~1.5TB.},
keywords= {Dataset, Internet},
terms= {},
superseded= {}

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