Reddit comments/submissions 2005-06 to 2021-06
stuck_in_the_matrix and Watchful1

reddit (380 files)
comments/RC_2005-12.zst 143.12kB
comments/RC_2006-01.zst 403.90kB
comments/RC_2006-02.zst 1.01MB
comments/RC_2006-03.zst 1.39MB
comments/RC_2006-04.zst 2.11MB
comments/RC_2006-05.zst 2.85MB
comments/RC_2006-06.zst 3.05MB
comments/RC_2006-07.zst 3.77MB
comments/RC_2006-08.zst 5.16MB
comments/RC_2006-09.zst 5.20MB
comments/RC_2006-10.zst 5.24MB
comments/RC_2006-11.zst 6.00MB
comments/RC_2006-12.zst 6.03MB
comments/RC_2007-01.zst 8.10MB
comments/RC_2007-02.zst 9.26MB
comments/RC_2007-03.zst 10.42MB
comments/RC_2007-04.zst 11.46MB
comments/RC_2007-05.zst 15.44MB
comments/RC_2007-06.zst 15.93MB
comments/RC_2007-07.zst 18.31MB
comments/RC_2007-08.zst 19.70MB
comments/RC_2007-09.zst 22.83MB
comments/RC_2007-10.zst 24.30MB
comments/RC_2007-11.zst 30.04MB
comments/RC_2007-12.zst 32.21MB
comments/RC_2008-01.zst 39.38MB
comments/RC_2008-02.zst 38.51MB
comments/RC_2008-03.zst 40.37MB
comments/RC_2008-04.zst 41.38MB
comments/RC_2008-05.zst 47.17MB
comments/RC_2008-06.zst 51.25MB
comments/RC_2008-07.zst 53.07MB
comments/RC_2008-08.zst 53.10MB
comments/RC_2008-09.zst 60.34MB
comments/RC_2008-10.zst 69.55MB
comments/RC_2008-11.zst 68.83MB
comments/RC_2008-12.zst 75.36MB
comments/RC_2009-01.zst 92.81MB
comments/RC_2009-02.zst 85.02MB
comments/RC_2009-03.zst 96.89MB
comments/RC_2009-04.zst 100.45MB
comments/RC_2009-05.zst 112.60MB
comments/RC_2009-06.zst 119.03MB
comments/RC_2009-07.zst 138.80MB
comments/RC_2009-08.zst 164.80MB
comments/RC_2009-09.zst 188.21MB
comments/RC_2009-10.zst 214.31MB
comments/RC_2009-11.zst 208.18MB
comments/RC_2009-12.zst 237.63MB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: reddit

title= {Reddit comments/submissions 2005-06 to 2021-06},
journal= {},
author= {stuck_in_the_matrix and Watchful1},
year= {},
url= {},
abstract= {Reddit comments and submissions from 2005-06 to 2021-06 collected by pushshift which can be found here

These are zstandard compressed ndjson files. Example python scripts for parsing the data can be found here},
keywords= {reddit},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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