BuzzFeed News transcription of Airbnb NYC data
BuzzFeed and AirBnb

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title= {BuzzFeed News transcription of Airbnb NYC data},
journal= {},
author= {BuzzFeed and AirBnb},
year= {},
url= {},
license= {},
abstract= {"The data in this spreadsheet were transcribed from the dataset referenced in Airbnb's Dec. 1, 2015, blog post.

Because Airbnb did not allow the data to be downloaded, photographed, or copy-pasted, BuzzFeed News copied the data manually over a series of three visits with the company. Some of the worksheets have not been copied in full; ""[...]"" indicates that a particular column of data continues in the original, but were not transcribed.

To the fullest extent possible, BuzzFeed News attempted to avoid transcription errors; some, however, may have snuck through."
keywords= {, AirBnb},
terms= {}

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