RF Capture philly_93.3MHz_500ksps.32fc
GNU Radio

Type: Dataset
Tags: Dataset

title = {RF Capture philly_93.3MHz_500ksps.32fc},
journal = {},
author = {GNU Radio},
year = {},
url = {http://gnuradio.squarespace.com/gr-tutorial/},
abstract = {This file was captured using a USRP N210 with a WBX board in Philadelphia on FM channel 93.3 MHz, a local rock station. The command to capture this using the latest GNU Radio with UHD is:

uhd_rx_cfile -a "addr=" -g 25 -f 93.3M --samp-rate=500k -N 5000000 philly_93.3Mhz.32fc

The file is captured at 500 kHz sampling rate, single-precision complex float (the 32fc is an indicator of that).}
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