CIFAR-100 (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research)
Alex Krizhevsky and Vinod Nair and Geoffrey Hinton

Type: Dataset
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title= {CIFAR-100 (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research)},
journal= {},
author= {Alex Krizhevsky and Vinod Nair and Geoffrey Hinton},
year= {},
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abstract= {This dataset is just like the CIFAR-10, except it has 100 classes containing 600 images each. There are 500 training images and 100 testing images per class. The 100 classes in the CIFAR-100 are grouped into 20 superclasses. Each image comes with a "fine" label (the class to which it belongs) and a "coarse" label (the superclass to which it belongs).
Here is the list of classes in the CIFAR-100:

Superclass	Classes
aquatic mammals	beaver, dolphin, otter, seal, whale
fish	aquarium fish, flatfish, ray, shark, trout
flowers	orchids, poppies, roses, sunflowers, tulips
food containers	bottles, bowls, cans, cups, plates
fruit and vegetables	apples, mushrooms, oranges, pears, sweet peppers
household electrical devices	clock, computer keyboard, lamp, telephone, television
household furniture	bed, chair, couch, table, wardrobe
insects	bee, beetle, butterfly, caterpillar, cockroach
large carnivores	bear, leopard, lion, tiger, wolf
large man-made outdoor things	bridge, castle, house, road, skyscraper
large natural outdoor scenes	cloud, forest, mountain, plain, sea
large omnivores and herbivores	camel, cattle, chimpanzee, elephant, kangaroo
medium-sized mammals	fox, porcupine, possum, raccoon, skunk
non-insect invertebrates	crab, lobster, snail, spider, worm
people	baby, boy, girl, man, woman
reptiles	crocodile, dinosaur, lizard, snake, turtle
small mammals	hamster, mouse, rabbit, shrew, squirrel
trees	maple, oak, palm, pine, willow
vehicles 1	bicycle, bus, motorcycle, pickup truck, train
vehicles 2	lawn-mower, rocket, streetcar, tank, tractor

Yes, I know mushrooms aren't really fruit or vegetables and bears aren't really carnivores. },
keywords= {Dataset},
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