NOAA Weather Data 2000
NOAA's National Climatic Data Center

2000 (10033 files)
999999-99999-2000.gz 105.42MB
999999-53878-2000.gz 36.06kB
999999-53877-2000.gz 43.65kB
996730-99999-2000.gz 0.21kB
996710-99999-2000.gz 0.35kB
996700-99999-2000.gz 0.20kB
996630-99999-2000.gz 0.42kB
996580-99999-2000.gz 0.59kB
996470-99999-2000.gz 0.41kB
996440-99999-2000.gz 12.57kB
996430-99999-2000.gz 108.63kB
996420-99999-2000.gz 300.84kB
996410-99999-2000.gz 230.97kB
996390-99999-2000.gz 0.52kB
996380-99999-2000.gz 7.61kB
996320-99999-2000.gz 0.63kB
996300-99999-2000.gz 279.10kB
996260-99999-2000.gz 199.49kB
996250-99999-2000.gz 191.83kB
996230-99999-2000.gz 0.34kB
996210-99999-2000.gz 70.03kB
996190-99999-2000.gz 160.50kB
996180-99999-2000.gz 0.26kB
996150-99999-2000.gz 0.27kB
996110-99999-2000.gz 512.24kB
996090-99999-2000.gz 11.14kB
996060-99999-2000.gz 3.37kB
996030-99999-2000.gz 47.55kB
995950-99999-2000.gz 0.50kB
995930-99999-2000.gz 0.28kB
995920-99999-2000.gz 575.44kB
995800-99999-2000.gz 0.21kB
995780-99999-2000.gz 189.49kB
995750-99999-2000.gz 25.78kB
995730-99999-2000.gz 106.15kB
995720-99999-2000.gz 0.62kB
995670-99999-2000.gz 0.39kB
995620-99999-2000.gz 0.35kB
995590-99999-2000.gz 0.42kB
995500-99999-2000.gz 144.27kB
995490-99999-2000.gz 106.48kB
995480-99999-2000.gz 44.88kB
995460-99999-2000.gz 271.51kB
995450-99999-2000.gz 277.18kB
995410-99999-2000.gz 0.19kB
995400-99999-2000.gz 1.97kB
995330-99999-2000.gz 37.65kB
995310-99999-2000.gz 0.78kB
995300-99999-2000.gz 40.03kB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: Weather, NOAA

@article{, title = {NOAA Weather Data 2000}, journal = {}, author = {NOAA's National Climatic Data Center}, year = {2000}, url = {}, abstract = {This contains ISH/ISD data in directories by year. Please note that ISH and ISD refer to the same data--Integrated Surface Data, sometimes called Integrated Surface Hourly. The filenames correspond with the station numbers listed in the ish-history.txt file described below -- eg, 723150-03812-2006 corresponds with USAF number 723150 and WBAN number 03812.} }

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