The New College Vision and Laser Data Set
Smith, M. and Baldwin, I. and Churchill, W. and Paul, R. and Newman, P.

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Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225722376.052311_to_1225722450.049033.tgz 507.30MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225722300.055701_to_1225722376.002312.tgz 522.16MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225722224.709059_to_1225722300.005700.tgz 533.10MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225722149.162394_to_1225722224.659059.tgz 522.55MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225722073.265743_to_1225722149.112392.tgz 529.35MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721998.169052_to_1225722073.215743.tgz 518.15MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721922.722382_to_1225721998.119058.tgz 474.71MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721847.325712_to_1225721922.672383.tgz 486.54MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721772.179029_to_1225721847.275711.tgz 493.51MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721697.182342_to_1225721772.129029.tgz 500.38MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721622.185651_to_1225721697.132341.tgz 507.68MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721546.938972_to_1225721622.135650.tgz 522.94MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721471.942278_to_1225721546.888971.tgz 527.35MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721396.495607_to_1225721471.892279.tgz 523.38MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721321.248929_to_1225721396.445615.tgz 495.85MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721245.902252_to_1225721321.198931.tgz 500.02MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721170.005603_to_1225721245.852252.tgz 526.53MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721094.858917_to_1225721169.955605.tgz 530.96MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225721019.362249_to_1225721094.808925.tgz 526.58MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720944.315556_to_1225721019.312254.tgz 515.02MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720869.318862_to_1225720944.265563.tgz 508.18MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720794.222179_to_1225720869.268870.tgz 461.39MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720719.175481_to_1225720794.172177.tgz 445.88MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720644.178783_to_1225720719.125489.tgz 507.63MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720569.182086_to_1225720644.128783.tgz 492.39MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720494.185386_to_1225720569.132087.tgz 476.42MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720419.038696_to_1225720494.135386.tgz 489.19MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720343.992002_to_1225720418.988696.tgz 500.92MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720268.995302_to_1225720343.942005.tgz 491.55MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720193.298630_to_1225720268.945303.tgz 484.06MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720118.301927_to_1225720193.248630.tgz 518.76MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225720041.455302_to_1225720118.251935.tgz 518.48MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225719965.858602_to_1225720041.405301.tgz 516.82MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225719890.861806_to_1225719965.808600.tgz 516.28MB
Data/FullData/StereoImages/StereoImages_1225719815.864878_to_1225719890.811804.tgz 523.38MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 20.36MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 99.77MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 75.76MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 87.95MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 86.58MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 76.38MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 76.93MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 70.06MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 83.12MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 79.33MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 64.69MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 72.13MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 59.43MB
Data/FullData/Panoramas/PanoramaSets/ 80.85MB
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Type: Dataset

title= {The New College Vision and Laser Data Set},
journal= {},
author= {Smith, M. and Baldwin, I. and Churchill, W. and Paul, R. and Newman, P.},
year= {2009},
url= {},
abstract= {##About 
Data collection site: New College, Oxford
The New College Data Set contains 30GB of data intended for use by the mobile robotics and vision research communities. Our anticipated users are parties interested in outdoor 6 D.O.F. navigation and mapping (metric or topological) using vision and/or laser.

##Data Synopsis
 * Gathered while traversing 2.2km through a college's grounds and adjoining parks
 * 5 DOF dead reckoned pose at 28Hz
 * Stereo imagery captured at 20Hz
 * 5-view omni-directional images at 5Hz
 * range and intensity data from two vertically mounted SICK LMS 291-S14 lasers scanning at 75Hz

##Full Data Set

Here we provide the data set in full. The data set consists of three streams of information: two sets of images, one from the Stereo Camera, and one from the Ladybug Camera, and an Alog file which contains other information like laser data and odometry. The image sets come in two formats. Firstly, we provide them as single zip files (via ftp) containing all the images. These are large files due to the number of images, so the second format is the image sets broken down into ~500MB chunks (via http).

Image Sets, Multiple Zip Files

 * (http) Zipped Stereo Images (**)

 * (http) Zipped Ladybug Images

 * (http) Zipped Panorama Images(***)

Alog File

 * (http) Alog File (220M)

Visual Odometry Data

[14-06-10] Please note that this data was not originally part of the IJRR submission. 

 * (http) Visual Odometry (VO) data (7M)

(**) Please note that the stereo images contain lens distortion and are unrectified. This makes them unsuitable for direct use in, for example, local window-based stereo matching. Code is provided that will perform undisortion and rectification on these image sequences. Download details and instructions for use are given: Code to undistort and rectify stereo image sequence.

(***) Panoramas are provided as a quick overview of the ladybug image data. Each image is a concatenation of the 5 camera images, all captured at the same time. We suggest using the raw ladybug images as these correspond to the files referred to in the .alog file.

##Extracting Data From The Plain-text "alog files"

All non-image data is stored in a plain-text log file called an "alog". To get acquainted with this format and suitable access methods we suggest you:

1. Download some data evaluation snippets, particularly the alog which is the text file containing all non-image data, and the Flash Laser Viewer. The data set is large and users may not wish to download 30G data and start using the parsing tools immediately so we have provided some short partitions of the alog file.
2. Download and compile (as a standalone executable or from within MatlabĀ©) the alog parsing tool we provide called uAlogParser. Full instructions on how to compile this single source file on multiple platforms are given here.
3. Try running the parser on one of the smaller evaluation alog segments.
If you have access to MatlabĀ©, try running the point cloud builder on an evaluation chunk to see some 3D laser data.
4. Download the full alog file - perhaps after finding an event that appears interesting.
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