True Marble Global Image Dataset GeoTIFF
Unearthed Outdoors

TrueMarble_GeoTIFF (68 files)
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TrueMarble.1km.21600x21600.B1.tif.gz 329.18MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.A1.tif.gz 193.23MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.A2.tif.gz 10.54MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.A3.tif.gz 35.42MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.A4.tif.gz 1.86MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.B1.tif.gz 518.61MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.B2.tif.gz 345.81MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.B3.tif.gz 3.35MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.B4.tif.gz 478.95kB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.C1.tif.gz 327.15MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.C2.tif.gz 254.67MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.C3.tif.gz 450.73MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.C4.tif.gz 41.92MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.D1.tif.gz 117.24MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.D2.tif.gz 208.75MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.D3.tif.gz 79.60MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.D4.tif.gz 3.33MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.E1.tif.gz 376.51MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.E2.tif.gz 657.64MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.E3.tif.gz 357.70MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.E4.tif.gz 2.68MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.F1.tif.gz 517.51MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.F2.tif.gz 562.76MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.F3.tif.gz 33.00MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.F4.tif.gz 6.04MB
TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.G1.tif.gz 556.79MB
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Type: Dataset

title= {True Marble Global Image Dataset GeoTIFF},
keywords= {},
journal= {},
author= {Unearthed Outdoors},
year= {},
url= {},
license= {Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.},
abstract= {Download and use the 250m True Marble global dataset for free! This is a low resolution version of our full 15m product, but it is quite useful. Download to use on your web page or preview a purchase. We only ask that you display our copyright and reference this page when using it.

Two types of files are available for download: GeoTIFF and PNG. The GeoTIFF files are better suited for GIS programs, but are generally a larger file size. The PNG files are for general image processing programs, but are not georeferenced. Most of these files are much too large for your web browser to display, so be sure to save the file directly to disk.


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