ThermalMapper project by the Jacobs University Bremen - Indoor Scans
Dorit Borrmann and Andreas Nuchter

Type: Dataset
Tags: Dataset

title = {ThermalMapper project by the Jacobs University Bremen - Indoor Scans},
journal = {},
author = {Dorit Borrmann and Andreas Nuchter},
year = {},
url = {},
abstract = {Riegl VZ-400 and a Optris PI IR camera

This data set was recorded as part of the ThermalMapper project by the Jacobs University Bremen. It
contains scans and thermal images recorded at several poses. At each pose 9 thermal
images and 9 scans of 40 degrees are taken thus covering the full 360 degrees. 

Description of Files:
scanXXX.3d contains the data collected at scan position scanXXX.pose. The points
from each scan part are attributed with the thermal information from the thermal
images. The pose information is obtained from odometry and refined
using slam6d (downloadable from Each line corresponds to one point, 
containing x-, y-, z-coordinates, temperature in centigrades.

1. Unpack the files to thermodat.
2. View the result
./bin/show -s 0 -e XX -f uosr thermodat}

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