NOAA Weather Data 2005
NOAA's National Climatic Data Center

2005 (13157 files)
010010-99999-2005.gz 326.59kB
010014-99999-2005.gz 209.40kB
010015-99999-2005.gz 208.93kB
010017-99999-2005.gz 9.45kB
010020-99999-2005.gz 1.38kB
010030-99999-2005.gz 119.09kB
010040-99999-2005.gz 0.29kB
010050-99999-2005.gz 0.30kB
010060-99999-2005.gz 0.32kB
010070-99999-2005.gz 239.26kB
010071-99999-2005.gz 0.17kB
010080-99999-2005.gz 487.94kB
010100-99999-2005.gz 832.14kB
010110-99999-2005.gz 0.72kB
010140-99999-2005.gz 40.19kB
010150-99999-2005.gz 51.03kB
010160-99999-2005.gz 0.43kB
010170-99999-2005.gz 0.32kB
010230-99999-2005.gz 823.28kB
010231-99999-2005.gz 45.20kB
010250-99999-2005.gz 706.21kB
010260-99999-2005.gz 332.66kB
010280-99999-2005.gz 320.04kB
010320-99999-2005.gz 0.18kB
010330-99999-2005.gz 134.37kB
010340-99999-2005.gz 0.38kB
010360-99999-2005.gz 0.29kB
010370-99999-2005.gz 98.06kB
010410-99999-2005.gz 35.63kB
010435-99999-2005.gz 118.51kB
010450-99999-2005.gz 37.55kB
010460-99999-2005.gz 40.10kB
010470-99999-2005.gz 109.39kB
010490-99999-2005.gz 642.51kB
010510-99999-2005.gz 0.27kB
010520-99999-2005.gz 204.00kB
010550-99999-2005.gz 213.85kB
010570-99999-2005.gz 32.64kB
010580-99999-2005.gz 61.53kB
010590-99999-2005.gz 412.93kB
010620-99999-2005.gz 151.58kB
010650-99999-2005.gz 55.82kB
010680-99999-2005.gz 142.25kB
010740-99999-2005.gz 99.07kB
010750-99999-2005.gz 69.31kB
010780-99999-2005.gz 271.53kB
010830-99999-2005.gz 129.01kB
010880-99999-2005.gz 164.68kB
010881-99999-2005.gz 89.59kB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: Weather, NOAA

@article{, title = {NOAA Weather Data 2005}, journal = {}, author = {NOAA's National Climatic Data Center}, year = {2005}, url = {}, abstract = {This contains ISH/ISD data in directories by year. Please note that ISH and ISD refer to the same data--Integrated Surface Data, sometimes called Integrated Surface Hourly. The filenames correspond with the station numbers listed in the ish-history.txt file described below -- eg, 723150-03812-2006 corresponds with USAF number 723150 and WBAN number 03812.} }

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