OpenDota - All Matches from March 2016 - Match Skill
Albert Cui and Howard Chung and Nicholas Hanson-Holtry

Type: Dataset
Tags: Dota 2, Games, MOBA

title= {OpenDota - All Matches from March 2016 - Match Skill},
keywords= {Dota 2, Games, MOBA},
journal= {},
author= {Albert Cui and Howard Chung and Nicholas Hanson-Holtry},
year= {},
url= {},
license= {CC BY-SA 4.0},
abstract= {This is a data dump of all the parsed and unparsed Dota 2 matches from OpenDota (formerly as of March 2016. This is 1,191,768,403 matches.

This is part 2 of three files (matches and player_matches are the other two). This file includes skill data (normal, high, very high) as given from the Dota 2 webAPI. Join with matches.},
superseded= {},
terms= {We ask that you attribute if you create or publish anything related to our data.  Also, please seed for as long as possible.}

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