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title= {NODE21},
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abstract= {This dataset is provided for NODE21 public challenge. Node21 dataset consists of frontal chest radiographs with annotated bounding boxes around nodules. It consists of 4882 frontal chest radiographs, where 1134 CXR images (1476 nodules) are annotated with bounding boxes around nodules and the remaining 3748 images are free of nodules hence representing the negative class. The images in this set are from public datasets that allow us to remix and redistribute. They come from the following sources:

- JSRT [1]
- PadChest [2]
- Chestx-ray14 [3]
- Open-I [4]

The annotations were provided by our chest radiologists. We provide both original and preprocessed versions of the dataset.

Further, for the generation track, we provide a public set of NODE21 CT patches. These are patches of nodules from CT scans, originate from the LUNA16 dataset [5][6] .

For more detailed descriptions of the data, please refer to the challenge website: NODE21 


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