Udacity Self Driving Car Dataset 3-1: El Camino

Type: Dataset

title= {Udacity Self Driving Car Dataset 3-1: El Camino},
keywords= {},
journal= {},
author= {},
year= {},
url= {},
license= {},
abstract= {Dataset of two drives from the Udacity office to San Francisco up (and down) El Camino Real, the path of the final drive and where the test sets of Challenges 2 & 3 will take place. Sunny afternoon and evening drives, an attempt was made to stay in the same lane, but obstacles and construction sometimes required lane changes. While this is an official dataset for Challenge 3, it has all required information to be used in Challenge 2. Note, only the center camera feed will be available in the test set.

Also, this dataset includes Velodyne VLP-16 LIDAR packets. This is so that you may see the format of the LIDAR we will be publishing, but it is not useful (or allowed) in Challenges 2&3.

# To utilize compressed image topics
You need the install a dependency:

	$ sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-image-transport*

# To playback data
copy the udacity_launch package found on our github project () to your catkin workspace, compile and source so that it is reachable.

Location of launch files: https://github.com/udacity/self-driving-car/tree/master/datasets/udacity_launch

	$ cd udacity-dataset-2-1
	$ rosbag play --clock *.bag
	$ roslaunch udacity_launch bag_play.launch

# For visualization

	$ roslaunch udacity_launch rviz.launch

# Dataset Info
MD5:	13f107727bed0ee5731647b4e114a545

file:		udacity-dataset_2016-10-20-13-46-48_0.bag
duration:	1hr 25:26s (5126s)
start:	Oct 20 2016 13:46:48.34 (1476996408.34)
end:		Oct 20 2016 15:12:15.15 (1477001535.15)

file:		udacity-dataset_2016-10-20-15-13-30_0.bag
duration:	1hr 58:44s (7124s)
start:	Oct 20 2016 15:13:30.91 (1477001610.91)
end:		Oct 20 2016 17:12:15.64 (1477008735.64)},
superseded= {},
terms= {}

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