ORCID Public Data File (2020)

folder orcid-dump-2020 (40 files)
fileORCID_2020_10_activities_0.tar.gz 6.13GB
fileORCID_2020_10_activities_1.tar.gz 5.75GB
fileORCID_2020_10_activities_2.tar.gz 5.25GB
fileORCID_2020_10_activities_3.tar.gz 5.55GB
fileORCID_2020_10_activities_4.tar.gz 5.93GB
fileORCID_2020_10_activities_5.tar.gz 6.13GB
fileORCID_2020_10_activities_6.tar.gz 5.14GB
fileORCID_2020_10_activities_7.tar.gz 5.68GB
fileORCID_2020_10_activities_8.tar.gz 5.54GB
fileORCID_2020_10_activities_9.tar.gz 5.93GB
fileORCID_2020_10_activities_X.tar.gz 6.03GB
fileORCID_2020_10_summaries.json.gz 11.21GB
fileORCID_2020_10_summaries.sample_10k.json.gz 10.97MB
fileORCID_2020_10_summaries.tar.gz 16.25GB
file__ia_thumb.jpg 3.79kB
filehistory/files/ORCID_2020_10_summaries.sample_10k.json.gz.~1~ 54.95kB
fileorcid-dump-2020_meta.sqlite 26.62kB
fileorcid-dump-2020_meta.xml 1.74kB
fileorcid-logo.png 2.03kB
fileorcid-logo_thumb.jpg 1.67kB
Type: Dataset

title= {ORCID Public Data File (2020)},
journal= {},
author= {ORCID},
year= {},
url= {https://orcid.figshare.com/articles/dataset/ORCID_Public_Data_File_2020/13066970},
abstract= {These files contain a snapshot of all public data in the ORCID Registry associated with an ORCID record that was created or claimed by an individual as of October 1st, 2020. ORCID publishes this file once per year under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication. This means that, to the extent possible under law, ORCID has waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to the Public Data File. For more information on the file, see https://orcid.org/content/orcid-public-data-file-use-policy

The file contains the public information associated with each user's ORCID record. The data is available in XML format and is further divided into separate files for easier management. One file contains the full record summary for each record. The rest of the data is divided into 11 files which contain the activities for each record including full work data.

Below is more complete description of how the data is structured.

Summaries file

Name: ORCID_2020_10_summaries.tar.gz
Description: Contains all the existing summaries, when extracted, it will generate the following file structure: summaries/[3 digits checksum]/[iD].xml
Example: If you are looking for the summary of iD '0000-0002-7869-831X', decompress the file and you will find the summary under 'summaries/31X/0000-0002-7869-831X.xml'.

Activities files


- ORCID_2020_10_activites_0.tar.gz
- ORCID_2020_10_activites_1.tar.gz
- ORCID_2020_10_activites_2.tar.gz
- ORCID_2020_10_activites_3.tar.gz
- ORCID_2020_10_activites_4.tar.gz
- ORCID_2020_10_activites_5.tar.gz
- ORCID_2020_10_activites_6.tar.gz
- ORCID_2020_10_activites_7.tar.gz
- ORCID_2020_10_activites_8.tar.gz
- ORCID_2020_10_activites_9.tar.gz
- ORCID_2020_10_activites_X.tar.gz

Description: Consists of 11 .tar.gz files, each file contains the public activities that belongs to an iD that contains a given checksum. The file hierarchy is as follows:
[checksum]/[3 digits checksum]/[iD]/[activity type]/[iD]_[activity_type]_[putcode].xml


If you are looking for the public activities that belong to `0000-0002-7869-831X:

Decompress the file 'ORCID_2020_10_activites_X.tar.gz'.
You will find all the public activities under 'X/31X/0000-0002-7869-831X/' which are then sub-divided in folders for each activity type.

If you are looking for all the employments that belong to '0000-0002-7869-831X':

Decompress the file 'ORCID_2020_10_activites_X.tar.gz',
Navigate to 'X/31X/0000-0002-7869-831X/employments'.

If you are looking for the employment with put-code '7923980' that belongs to '0000-0002-7869-831X' :

Decompress the file 'ORCID_2020_10_activites_X.tar.gz'.
You will find that employment under 'X/31X/0000-0002-7869-831X/employments/0000-0002-7869-831X_employments_7923980.xml'.
keywords= {},
terms= {},
license= {https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/public-domain/cc0/},
superseded= {}

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