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Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1187058312-32.txt.gz 5.20MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1187056280-4096.txt.gz 663.98MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1187008867-32.txt.gz 5.22MB
Source.txt 83.17kB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1186741846-32.txt.gz 5.20MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1186739814-4096.txt.gz 665.00MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1186302504-32.txt.gz 5.20MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1186300472-4096.txt.gz 664.19MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1185389792-32.txt.gz 5.19MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1187058312-32.txt.gz 1.28MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1187056280-4096.txt.gz 163.95MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1187008867-32.txt.gz 1.28MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1187006835-4096.txt.gz 163.99MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1186741846-32.txt.gz 1.28MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1186739814-4096.txt.gz 163.95MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1186302504-32.txt.gz 1.28MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1186300472-4096.txt.gz 163.89MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1185389792-32.txt.gz 1.28MB
Txt/V-V1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1185387760-4096.txt.gz 88.79MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1187529241-32.txt.gz 5.11MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1187527209-4096.txt.gz 655.04MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1187058312-32.txt.gz 5.13MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1187056280-4096.txt.gz 655.00MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1187008867-32.txt.gz 5.12MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1187006835-4096.txt.gz 655.21MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1186741846-32.txt.gz 5.12MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1186739814-4096.txt.gz 655.86MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1186302504-32.txt.gz 5.12MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1186300472-4096.txt.gz 572.56MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1185389792-32.txt.gz 5.12MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1185387760-4096.txt.gz 655.36MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1180922479-32.txt.gz 5.06MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1180920447-4096.txt.gz 646.93MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1167559921-32.txt.gz 4.68MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1167557889-4096.txt.gz 598.44MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1135136335-32.txt.gz 4.98MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1135134303-4096.txt.gz 637.33MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1128678885-32.txt.gz 4.92MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1128676853-4096.txt.gz 629.55MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1126259447-32.txt.gz 4.81MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_16KHZ_R1-1126257415-4096.txt.gz 615.98MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1187529241-32.txt.gz 1.29MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1187527209-4096.txt.gz 164.47MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1187058312-32.txt.gz 1.29MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1187056280-4096.txt.gz 164.55MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1187008867-32.txt.gz 1.29MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1187006835-4096.txt.gz 164.55MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1186741846-32.txt.gz 1.29MB
Txt/L-L1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1186739814-4096.txt.gz 164.79MB
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Type: Dataset
Tags: ligo, gravitational waves, Virgo, gravitational-wave transients

title= {Event GWTC 1},
journal= {},
author= {The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration and B. P. Abbott and R. Abbott and T. D. Abbott and S. Abraham and F. Acernese and K. Ackley and C. Adams and R. X. Adhikari and V. B. Adya and C. Affeldt and M. Agathos and K. Agatsuma and N. Aggarwal and O. D. Aguiar and L. Aiello and A. Ain and P. Ajith and G. Allen and A. Allocca and M. A. Aloy and P. A. Altin and A. Amato and A. Ananyeva and S. B. Anderson and W. G. Anderson and S. V. Angelova and S. Antier and S. Appert and K. Arai and M. C. Araya and J. S. Areeda and M. Arène and N. Arnaud and K. G. Arun and S. Ascenzi and G. Ashton and S. M. Aston and P. Astone and F. Aubin and P. Aufmuth and K. AultONeal and C. Austin and V. Avendano and A. Avila-Alvarez and S. Babak and P. Bacon and F. Badaracco and M. K. M. Bader and S. Bae and P. T. Baker and F. Baldaccini and G. Ballardin and S. W. Ballmer and S. Banagiri and J. C. Barayoga and S. E. Barclay and B. C. Barish and D. Barker and K. Barkett and S. Barnum and F. Barone and B. Barr and L. Barsotti and M. Barsuglia and D. Barta and J. Bartlett and I. Bartos and R. Bassiri and A. Basti and M. Bawaj and J. C. Bayley and M. Bazzan and B. Bécsy and M. Bejger and I. Belahcene and A. S. Bell and D. Beniwal and B. K. Berger and G. Bergmann and S. Bernuzzi and J. J. Bero and C. P. L. Berry and D. Bersanetti and A. Bertolini and J. Betzwieser and R. Bhandare and J. Bidler and I. A. Bilenko and S. A. Bilgili and G. Billingsley and J. Birch and R. Birney and O. Birnholtz and S. Biscans and S. Biscoveanu and A. Bisht and M. Bitossi and M. A. Bizouard et al. (1051 additional authors not shown)},
year= {2019},
url= {},
abstract= {We present the results from three gravitational-wave searches for coalescing compact binaries with component masses above 1
M⊙ during the first and second observing runs of the Advanced gravitational-wave detector network. During the first observing run (O1), from September 12th, 2015 to January 19th, 2016, gravitational waves from three binary black hole mergers were detected. The second observing run (O2), which ran from November 30th, 2016 to August 25th, 2017, saw the first detection of gravitational waves from a binary neutron star inspiral, in addition to the observation of gravitational waves from a total of seven binary black hole mergers, four of which we report here for the first time: GW170729, GW170809, GW170818 and GW170823. For all significant gravitational-wave events, we provide estimates of the source properties. The detected binary black holes have total masses between 18.6+3.2−0.7M⊙, and 84.4+15.8−11.1M⊙, nd range in distance between 320+120−110Mpc and 2840+1400−1360 Mpc. No neutron star - black hole mergers were detected. In addition to highly significant gravitational-wave events, we also provide a list of marginal event candidates with an estimated false alarm rate less than 1 per 30 days. From these results over the first two observing runs, which include approximately one gravitational-wave detection per 15 days of data searched, we infer merger rates at the 90% confidence intervals of 110−3840Gpc−3y−1for binary neutron stars and 9.7−101
Gpc-3y−1 for binary black holes assuming fixed population distributions, and determine a neutron star - black hole merger rate 90% upper limit of 610Gpc−3y−1
. },
keywords= {ligo, gravitational waves, Virgo, gravitational-wave transients},
terms= {},
license= {},
superseded= {}

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