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title= {ImageClef - IAPR TC-12 Benchmark},
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author= {ImageClef},
abstract= {The following archive contains the complete IAPR TC-12 Benchmark, which is now available free of charge and without any copyright restrictions. This is the most updated version of the IAPR TC-12 Benchmark and should be used from researchers from now on. This archive thereby comprises:

20000 images
1000 additional images previously used in object annotation tasks and/or the MUSCLE live event
all complete (full-text) annotations (English, German, Random)
all light annotations (English, German, Spanish, Random), i.e. all annotation tags except for the description tag

The image collection of the IAPR TC-12 Benchmark consists of 20,000 still natural images taken from locations around the world and comprising an assorted cross-section of still natural images. This includes pictures of different sports and actions, photographs of people, animals, cities, landscapes and many other aspects of contemporary life. Example images can be found in Section 2.

Each image is associated with a text caption in up to three different languages (English, German and Spanish) . These annotations are stored in a database which is managed by a benchmark administration system that allows the specification of parameters according to which different subsets of the image collection can be generated. Section 3 provides more information and an annotation example.

The IAPR TC-12 Benchmark is now available free of charge and without copyright restrictions. Information on how to access (and download) the complete benchmark as well as the resources used at ImageCLEFphoto 2006 - 2008 is given in Sections 4 and 5, while Section 6 provides links to related publications.

2 Collection Content
The 20,000 images are high quality, multi-object, colour photographs that have been chosen according to strict image selection rules (see [2] for more details). Here are a couple of example images of some chosen categories:

In publications based on the IAPR TC-12 Benchmark and/or the use of its data or a subset thereof, please cite the following publication:

The IAPR Benchmark: A New Evaluation Resource for Visual Information Systems, Grubinger, Michael, Clough Paul D., Müller Henning, and Deselaers Thomas , International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, 24/05/2006, Genoa, Italy, (2006)

Additional information on this data is available from the PhD thesis of Michael Grubinger:

Michael Grubinger. Analysis and Evaluation of Visual Information Systems Performance. PhD Thesis. School of Computer Science and Mathematics, Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, 2007.

The thesis is available here:

Data can also be downloaded here:

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