Udacity SDC Dataset: 2016-11-07

Type: Dataset

title= {Udacity SDC Dataset: 2016-11-07},
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abstract= {Conditions: Overcast Evening / Night
Sensors: 3 camera streams, 1 VLP-16 LIDAR packet stream, 1 Xsens IMU positional/GPS fix data stream, standard vehicle location/state information

This is a continuous recording of El Camino from Mountain View to South San Francisco (and back). The trip is separated into two ROS bag files corresponding with the direction of the trip. New in this dataset is the presence of the more accurate GPS fix from the Xsens IMU. This more accurate GPS location is available in the '/fix' topic. Accelerometer information is in the '/imu/data' topic.

This was generated for Challenge Three and LIDAR point cloud creation (non-challenge related). Those using this dataset for Challenge 2 need to prune out lane changes and stops.},
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